Saab Owner’s Convention – under 2 weeks to go

The Saab Owners Convention in Troy, Michigan, is now less than two weeks away.

I’d imagine that if you were going then you’ve already made your decision. If you’re still undecided, you should know that convention registrations close on Monday, August 13. That’s tomorrow, kiddies.

If you’re considering participating in the track day, which I would strongly advise as it’s a hoot, then you should also know that registration for the track has been extended to the 13th as well.

So click on over to the Convention website and get your name on the list.


Here’s the seminar program:


– IIHS Convertible Tests (video)
– Million-Mile 900 SPG (watch out for the stories about how there should be signs to warn the moose)
– TRW- Restraint Systems
– AWD Technical Discussion (get a hint as to why 280 isn’t the big deal about this car)
– Performance Upgrades for your Saab (oh yeah! – but in the US? Saab sanctioned?)
– Basic Saab Maintenance- Saab Master Tech
– Saab ECO Power and AWD Systems- John Libbos, Saab Cars
– CAS General Tour (3 hours, limited to 200)

– Saab 96s- Restore, Refurbish or Just Drive It? Rocky Mtn Saab Club
– Oil Sludge Update- Andrews Inc.
– The Saab Museum Collection- Peter Baackstrom, Curator (don’t miss – great guy!)
– Advanced Technology- Saab 9-3 and 9-7
– CAS Focused Detail Discussion (3 hours, limited to 45)


Now, who’s going this year?

If you are, please consider that there’s a whole bunch of people here in blogland who’d love to know what’s going on.

If you can send through a few photos and maybe a short story or two, we’d all be much obliged.

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