Saab Turbo-X – First Image

The first image of the Saab Turbo-X, aka the Black Turbo, has been shown at Auto Motor and Sport.

Here’s a small version of the image that you can click to enlarge to 800px wide. Click through to AMS at the link above for the full story in Swedish and a huge 2000px version of the image. The press release in English appears below.

Saab Black Turbo

The all-too brief press release:

Black Turbo Reborn

Saab Turbo X debuts at Frankfurt Auto Show

Saab will go ‘back to the future’ at next month’s (Sept) Frankfurt International Motor Show by evoking the iconic appeal of its classic ‘Black Turbo’ models.

The Swedish premium car maker will celebrate 30 years of leadership in turbocharging by unveiling the Saab Turbo X. This limited edition, all-wheel drive performance car inherits the visual appeal of the Saab 99/900 black turbos – while also introducing cutting-edge technology. This ultimate expression of the new 9-3 range will deliver standard-setting levels of performance for the brand.

It was at Frankfurt in 1977 that Saab surprised the automotive world in revealing its first turbocharged model. It set a performance trend that others were to follow. Now the innovative features of the new Saab Turbo X are also expected to attract widespread emulation.

To read all that’s now known about the Turbo-X so far, click here.

In short, the Turbo-X is expected to be the launch vehicle for Saab’s new XWD system. It’ll feature a 280hp engine, special trim and the full XWD system.

Later models that feature XWD will have the eLSD component as an option, but it’s believed that the Turbo-X will come with the full, brand new XWD system.

The name “Black Turbo” is the name by which this project first became known around the end of 2006. I tend to think that it will remain as the name for this car among enthusiasts.

You can see from the photo above that the brushed trim around the grille, air dams and foglamps appears to be a bit more subtle. That appears to be one heck of a deep front spoiler, too.

The spoiler in the front seems to feature a more sophisticated air dam with a splitter and different mesh, and it’s much deeper than the standard Aero unit (see below). Click both images to enlarge.

Black Turbo air dam

Aero air dam

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  1. If Saab OZ gets their act together we may see it in Sydney too at the Motor Show in October. I am already talking to my accountant so that I can put my name down for one. I hope I get there !!!

  2. Looks great.

    Oh, wait, you were talking about the other Saab in the picture. The one that’s really close to the camera. Yeah, I guess that it looks good, too. If you like that sort of thing.

  3. I’m with eggs, I saw the 900 Turbo and got excited, then realized it wasn’t the Black Turbo. Still nice though. Hope it’s an attention grabber at the show.

  4. lol. I too first noticed the classic 900 and was like, hot damn!

    Save the classic 900 comparison for the 9-1, oh, and give the 9-1 a similar, though updated, design.

    HAVING SAID THAT, I still want a 9-3 Black Turbo please. I’ve been really good this year!

  5. WOW, the front looks amazing! would love to see more pics of that car. cant wait to go to the frankfurt motorshow. i really would like to get one of those few black turbos!

  6. Koo,

    Check out the “Black Turbo” or “Turbo-X” tags at the end of the entry. They are the categories on the site that contain all the info on the car. There’s an entry there on the Haldex XWD system and it’ll spell out the components.

    I could just post the link I suppose, but consider this an exercise in combing through the archives 😉

  7. There seems to be a two-tone pain job going on, although this may be a photoshop job or dulling spray for the shoot. Notice how the top of the clamshell hood is high-gloss black and the perimeter is satin/matte. This theme is also applied to the wing mirror where the top half is matte and the bottom half is gloss. Just an observation that could all just be nothing but studio work but they did say it would have “special black paint.” It would certainly be a more dynamic look if they choose to give the car a two-tone job.

  8. Ok, where do I turn in my soul in exchange for one of these ? It’s hardly been used and doesn’t come with any noticeable wear & tear.

    Any takers ? Anyone ? Please ?

  9. Desktop x4. What a great picture. I think I’m going to turn this picture into a poster.

    My 04 Aero sure looks tired compared to the MY08 🙁

  10. It easy to flame something when they are not required to prove their point. I wonder who many of those people would actually buy one even if it had 400 bhp…

  11. That teaser pic gives away none of the full impact of this model. The TurboX as its name will be is stunning. Next to even an Aero!! The back end which isn’t shown is as dramatic. It features a unique rear spoiler,lower facia similar to the front and wheels which are Sweet!! They are black with gray accents. The design is hard to describe but they are unlike a saab wheel ever. Plus a massive dual exhaust complete the look. If you like the look of the Aero the Turbo X will blow your mind!!

  12. I doubt the two-tone paint … because if you look at the windshield, it, too, appears matte.

    That was either done by super-softening the studio lights, or in Photoshop.

    Can’t wait for more images … a very nice taste/tease!

  13. @ Baracuda
    How do you know it is 50 units for germany when they say they do not know how many they will produce at all.

    have you seen the turbo x already? I know that saab is showing the prototypes to the dealers when they are invited to this years xwd presentation.

    What size is the Turbo X wheels? Is it 19 inch wheels, if yes will the us market also get the 19 inch wheels?
    Could you descripe the exhaust a little more. is it more sport tuned sound?

  14. Looks pretty good to me, but does anyone remember the pictures we saw of the Black 9-3 with the Chrome (or Satin) sideview mirrors?
    I was guessing that those would appear on the Black Turbo. Simlar to how Audi does the Satin mirrors on the R or RS versions…thoughts?

  15. Is anyone else getting sick of the “X” thing besides me yet? I know that the “X” in this case stands for “cross” as in “Cross Wheel Drive”, but there was the 9ˣ, then the Aero-X, then XWD, and now Turbo-X. Isn’t the “eXtreme” fad of a few years ago played-out yet? What’s next, the “iTurbo”? 😉

  16. Grip, what you’re saying kind of makes sense. While I would not say I am sick of the X, they should definitely look into something else for future releases.

    X… It does sound cool, though, and fits almost everywhere! 😉

  17. MR Aero- I was one of the few during a recent “convention” was able to see the car in all its beauty.sadly it was never started due to its location!! But needless to say the dual exhaust was quite un Saab like in a great way!!.Plus the rear fascia is as aggressive as the front. The best way to describe the look overall is that it makes even the aero look tame!They were a bit shy on other specs i.e. wheels but whatever size..the wheel design will be remembered as a true Saab classic. The Viggen never had it so good. Now about those other “cars” we saw.

  18. patric95- did you sit in it? can you remember what the Turbo guage looked like wink wink, it just made me smile from ear to ear when i seen it and yes it has a very nice rear too

  19. I like this quote from Channel 4, 4Car News:
    “the unofficial line – from respected Saab blog Trollhatten Saab”

    (I can’t post the link, the filters don’t seem to like it.)

  20. @ Mr Aero

    I know that, because yesterday i read the german press release of the Turbo -X.

    Germany definetly gets only 50 units.

  21. ThE U.S is getting 2000 units of the TurboX…mirrors are black and no two tone. To CAM – I think u know what the turbo guage looks like!! DOH!.

  22. I’m waiting for that Turbo-X 9-1 in the back there.

    Oh wait. Already have that one, just without the AWD bit.

    Show of hands, who thinks a 9-1 would totally rock in Black Turbo/Turbo-X form, with 80’s-retro styling?

  23. Try as I might, I just can’t picture a retro-styled Saab without it just being a c900 with the new 9-3 nose on it, and that’s obviously not what it would look like. How would a retroSaab look?

  24. Jeff: like a c900 that got updated instead of being killed off. Sort of like a GM900, but with a bit of a trunk lid extending past the spoiler, instead of just going straight down, and the whole thing being more squared off.

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