Saab Wheel Options 2008

Djup Strupe has been hard at work with pen, pencil and carrier pigeon. The results below flew in this morning….

These are from the 2008 accessories brochure, though given Djup’s international-man-of-mystery status I’m not sure for which country.

Your 2008 Saab wheel options for the 9-3 range are pictured below:

Saab Wheels

Saab wheels

Saab wheels

Saab wheels

And your 2008 Saab wheel options for the 9-5 range are pictured below:

Saab wheels

Saab wheels

Saab wheels

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  1. I still can’t figure the logic, or lack thereof… When I bought my 2006 9-3 SC Aero, it came with very nice 17×7.5 wheels and 245/45R-17 tires. When I inquired about upgrading to the 18×7 wheels shown in the US 9-3 accessories brochure, the dealer said, well, you have to pay an addtional charge for the wheels and new tires (that of course make sense), but no, we don’t give you any credit for the wheels and tires that came with the car, you get to keep them, and besides, we can’t really install them because the US version of the stability control will be screwed up because everything was designed and programmed around the stock 17×7.5 wheels and tires. I think these were the same laywers that deceided it would be best to disable bluetooth on all the US cars, but keep all the steering wheel mounted phone buttons, the microphones mounted above the rear-view mirrors, and all the phone controls on the radio. That’s the way to win new customers…show them things they can’t have.

  2. Steven, it really does suck to be given that ‘it’s not gonna work’ attitude. I would believe the design around the 17×7.5 claim though.

  3. forgot to comment about the article…

    i am very impressed with Saab’s wheels…
    at least they haven’t dropped the ball in this category. I sure would love a 17″-18″ tribute to the super aero’s on the 9000, but what can ya do…

    favorites outta the NEW wheels…
    18 inch v-spokes
    18 inch 5 spoke star
    18 inch 3 spoke double blade

  4. Inca, Inca, Inca! Let’s hope this comes to the U.S. While I am hopeful, I do note one spelling (see “tyre”), which shows that it’s definitely a non-US market brochure.

  5. I willing to bet money that out of all of these options, we won’t see all those in the US.

    Also, you won’t be able to get the 5-spoke on a 2.0T (the ONLY wheel option, IMHO).

    And Stephen – I had a dealer tell me the same thing, but when I told them it was the 5 spoke 17-inchers or no dealer, he was quickly able to “find” an extra set off an Aero.

  6. Isn’t there anyone else to think that the Incas look like plastic hubcaps from Biltema ? I do.

    The older designs (i e most five and double-five-spokes plus some others) may look old, but at least their design is less fussy and more refined then the newer exercises (bring back Michael Mauer).

    A positive point, though, is the growing number of designs to choose from.

  7. sorry only diggin those new double spoke evo’s

    they look the ducks guts in the flesh..

    BBS Rs are my choice

    al 🙂

  8. I love the Inca, it’s great looking AND has some reference to the old 3 spokes from C900, 99 era.

    I still want them to make a big 18 or 19 inch Klingon tho.

  9. Sorry Inca fans, but I agree with riku1100s 🙁

    I think they selll them at PepGirls for $25 a set. They snap on to your the steel wheels that you use for your snow tires.

    @8: Here are the [for an added cost] US wheels avaiable for the 2007 9-3 SC and 9-3 SS:

    Note that these are from the US accessory wheel section and not usuaully available as optional wheels you get to choose from when buying your car in the US.

    The 2008 Global accessory wheel page is here:

    These 18’s are STILL my ab-fab favorites:

    They slice! They dice! They even julienne!!!

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