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The SOC is underway and as it’s coinciding with the launch of the 2008 Saab 9-3 for the US market, SaabUSA have duly updated their website to reflect this:

Saab USA


And speaking of SOC, there’s a bunch of photos here at Flickr to show you some of the cars that have gathered there. Viggens feature prominently. Yum!

Saab Owners Convention


Some website called Inhabitat thinks that there’s 4 ‘sustainable sports cars’ or concepts thereof that are sexier than the Saab Aero-X.


Their Top 5 sexiest sustainable list. That Toyota is one ugly beast.


Via AutoBlog Green

Here’s an idea that may well have Saab Sweden scratching their heads, thinking “why didn’t we come up with that?”

Ford are running a road rally through six countries in Western Europe and the main vehicles particpating will all be running on E85. The aim is to show that E85 is a viable fuel for the European traveller and available in most western European countries. As long as you plan your route appropriately.

Here’s the route map. Perhaps Saab 9-5 and 9-3 BioPower vehicles could be strategically placed along the way. What the heck – why not just drive the Saabs 100m ahead of the Ford pack!

E85 tour


And speaking of E85, GM’s FYI blog has an E85 Mythbusting post entered there today, just in case you needed some myths busting. I don’t think they’ve made a chicken cannon for the purpose of the post though.


This one’s not about alternative fuels, but alternative combustion.

GM are working on HCCI engines and are showing prototypes with working HCCI technology. HCCI works through compression and ignites the fuel at a lower temperature meaning less energy loss through heat. It’s the Next Big Thing.

GM are getting some pats onthe back for leading the way with this one so far. At the moment they seem to have the technology stable to around 55mph only, so it’s still a work in progress. Saab applications will surely follow some time down the track.

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  1. Check out the Saab USA site! Click the SportCombi and then “Exterior Enhancements”… does anyone notice something new?!

    At least it’s new to me, I haven’t heard anyone say how the Combi tail lights would look, but now there’s some proof! I need to order me a replacement set for my MY07…


  2. Snow silver’s there. I just made one up in the SportCombi.

    Saffron’s coming MY2008.5 i.e. later in 2008, not in the initial release.

    Good to hear from you again, Nevitz. You’ve been missing.

  3. If you are familiar with Carlos Mencia, then I’m a dee-dee-deee!

    The “Snow Silver” palette option blended in with the background and I didn’t notice it.

    I can’t wait to see the Ice Block tail lights in person. I sure hope they aren’t disappointing.

    Thanks! Yeah, been hanging low. Had the M-I-L and other family in town, plus work is not so good. But “say-la-vee” or something, right? *laugh* Just trying to get back in the swing of normality, and I find myself here! Good to be “back home” so to speak. 😛

  4. First off, thank God SaabUSA finally changed the site. It was so ugly before.

    Second, three of those four cars that are apparently better than the Aero X are totally disgusting (I like the Tesla a lot).

  5. I just actually went to the SaabUSA site…hopefully they change the top splash page after this weekend to feature the new 9-3…anything to get rid of that cheesy summer sale graphic.

  6. I agree with Jeff above. Three of the four concept vehicles are completely disgusting. The Toyota by far leads the pack in ugly styling. The sad part is the article says that hideous thing will be on the streets in 2009. God help us all.

    My choice of those five is SAAB first, Tesla second and give all the others a Did Not Finish status.

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