Small Market Saab sales – July 2007

UPDATED for Netherlands!
UPDATED for Canada, Estonia, Belgium and Australia!


As with last month, I’ll use this entry as a repository for Saab sales in smaller markets (i.e. anywhere other than Sweden, the US and UK).

If you’ve got the figures from your country, send ’em in. It’s like Eurovision!!!


Australian stats are now out, and Saab sold 111 units in July, which was a rise from the 98 units sold in the same month last year.

Year-to-date sales stand at 1,259 units, which is a 17% rise over the 1,076 units sold for the same period in 2006.

Go Saab Oz! And shove it to the Greens, baby!


Sales stats from Canada:

Canadian sales amount for July were 200 for this year, vs 247 in the previous year.

Total YTD sales of 1423 vs 1467 in the PY.

Thanks cj and zippy!


Sales stats from Belgium

316 units sold in July 2007. (2006 : 287)
Year to date sales number 2205 (2006 : 2926)

Thanks Philip!


Sales stats from Estonia:

No monthly figures or figures for July, but Jyri tells us they’ve sold 57 units for the first 6 months of 2007, compared with 69 units for the first six months in 2006.


Sales stats for Finland.

Saabs sold during July – 143. This was up from 121 in the same month last year.

In a market that’s down around 9% as a whole this year, Saab have sold 1,066 vehicles in Finland during 2007, which is a slight fall from the 1,143 sold in the same period last year.

Go Finland!


Sales data for the Netherlands is in.

Total sales this year to July 31: 2,286. This is down from the same period last year: 2,718

Total sales in July 2007: 309

Saab is currently at #26 in the Dutch market (last year #25)

Thanks Jeroen!

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  1. Canadian sales amount to 200, vs 247 in the PY. Total YTD sales of 1423 vs 1467 in the PY.

    The total market is up 0.6% vs july PY.

  2. Belgian sales for July :
    316 (2006 : 287)
    YTD 2205 (2006 : 2926)
    SAAB has a market share of 0,6% vs 0,8% in 2006.

  3. I can’t believe that the market share in Finland that is basically next door to Sweden is so low. Despite our position in OZ we are doing a heck lot better job than many other countries. Canada is comparable to our market when they are next door to the US. So, it makes sense to have a solid, well supported with proper network in OZ as the market is there. Saab OZ/GM have to continue with the current programs and incentivise customers, it’s the winning formula.

  4. Indeed Joe. The convertible is even made in Finland. Actually for that matter, the Aero engine is made in Australia……..forget that thought.

  5. PT,

    Convertible’s are made in Austria. Years ago, Valmet in Finland built Saab’s but not since GM took over

    I don’t know about Finland but it could be due to some taxes for “bigger cars”. I know there was such an issue like 25 years ago or something in Denmark and Norway putting huge taxes on some cars and that affected Saab and Volvo badly. Saab’s market share:
    Denmark: 0,49%
    Norway: 1,62%

  6. Talking about brotherhood here, we wouldn’t take this from the Kiwis doing this to our Commodores, Falcons, Camrys etc etc etc. If their government made it so difficult for us to export our cars accross the Tasman 1/2 of our car makers will close shop. Those Scandinavian countries should support each other a hell of a lot more, this is ridiculous !!!!

  7. A lot of the Saab Australia sales are to Avis

    After seeing 5 dame edna 9-5s on the road in Sydney all in one day, I knew something was up. So after a bit of investigating it seams Saab Oz has struct a deal with Avis so that the 9-5 gets some visability. However they also have 9-3 convertables as well.

  8. Brendan,

    That’s good. People renting car may go for something they are not used to and try it out over a weekend or so – often because they don’t pay for it themselves. And it’s better than just the average 10 min testdrive around the block. Some will like it and think about Saab the next time they are about to buy a car.

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