Snow Silver Saab 9-3 caught in the wild

If you’re wondering what Snow Silver looks like when it’s not being photographed in studios etc, what it looks like in the real world, then ponder these piccys sent in anonymously.

Yes, that’s a real registration plate!

Click either photo to enlarge. Geez, that’s a fine looking machine. Have a look at that profile.

PG Aero mentioned this when we first saw this car but I can’t remember the quote exactly. One magazine years ago said of one of the older Saab Aeros something like…..A driver would see this Saab coming in his mirrors and know, flat-out KNOW what is about to happen.

It really does apply here. It’s a great car.

Snow Silver Saab

Snow Silver Saab 9-3

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  1. Very sexy indeed (no doubt the 18″ wheels help in that regard!) It’d be nice to see similar photos of ‘non-Aero’ models. The vast majority of images that have come to light so far seem to feature the Aero (& for obvious reasons, it looks fantastic!), but it would be nice to see some of the more ‘standard’ models given that that’s all most of us mortals could afford!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the new 9-3 for the first time a week today (on British soil). My invite arrived with the post this morning for the launch at our local garage next Saturday. Can’t wait.

  3. And here’s me thinking it was the cover for a laser used to blast all those rice-rockets out of the way as one goes flying down the highway.

    Anyhow, that is one gorgeous looking car but Im amazed at how ‘silver’ this looks when you compare it to the cars revealed in Trollhattan which looked whiter. It must be one of those colours that changes with lighting conditions much like the midnight blue colour of a few years back.

    I still like it though. 🙂

  4. If I did not know any better, I would think that it was just a plain silver color on an otherwise more aggressive facelift. I wonder though how many non-Saab followers will even recognize that it is a whole new model.

  5. You know what opinions are like, but I have to opine that this car is a pretty decent front end (I’ve warmed to it) grafted onto a pretty boring remainder of the car. Once you get past the front view of the car the rest is underwhelming. I’m sure the drive characteristics more than make up for it, but as for impressing others (which when we face it, is a big factor in the purchase of “entry-premium” cars) it falls short.

    Compare these pictures with the pics of the C900 Aero in the post below it and you can see how unique SAAB used to be. It has re-acquired a unique front end but the rest remains bland. Where’s that classic SAAB swept roofline?

    Luckily this is just a MCE and the whole new cars due beginning in 2 years should be more cohesive.

    The Snow Silver does work well with the satin chrome accents, IMHO. Better than a darker color like black. Let’s just hope that the Turbo-X has more subdued (or even black-tinted) satin chrome accents, like it looks like it does in the CGI you posted yesterday.

  6. It’s hard to make an exciting back end without making it look stupid, unless the back end has lots of heritage behind it. Hopefully the new 9-3 will have that, or maybe the 9-1 will. Look at BMW, they tried to make their back ends look as “exciting” as their front ends, and now their cars look like they were designed by a toy maker. Personally, I really like the rear of the car, I think it’s distinctive.

    Also, it makes sense that this color is called Snow Silver. It’s nearly white (like snow) but it’s still silver (like…silver).

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  8. it’s about time–the beginning of the more assertive look, for saab.

    in that regard, the next generation has to do more and be more cohesive.

  9. I’m sorry, but as good as this car looks (and it does!) but those doorhandles are not Saab. I want the 9-5 doorhandles on it, not those standardized GM ones. The 9-5 one’s design can be traced back to the 99 and they always did look good and always will!

  10. I’m more concerned with the extremely E L O N G A T E D front-end. Maybe it’s just the angle of the photo, but does anyone else think it looks WAY out of proportion?

  11. joemama, see what you mean but SAABs have a history of this.

    I too have come to accept the idios of the front. The only thing i’m waiting for now is some real test drive to test the cars mettle (top gear etc).

    This car needs to be better than my Honda Euro before i’ll change.

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