SOTW – non C900 style

I go this photo through in the mail and couldn’t resist posting it. It was sent to me by RJ in Utah, though the photo credit belongs to a friend of his, Mason F.

It appealed to me a) because it’s a great shot full of color, and b) becuase it’s a Viggen, and I miss my Viggen.

Click to enlarge it to a 1024 x 768 image suitable for wallpapering with.

Great shot, Mason. And thanks, RJ.

Saab Viggen

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  1. Ah, nice… I love my own 9-3 more and more (although it’s not a Viggen). The design still looks young and fresh compared to most other cars.

  2. Dave,

    All you need is the torque steer and you’ll know it’s legit. And then once you get the rescue kit, then you can say you have a REAL Viggen. 🙂

    Oh and those rims may be BBSs, but they’re still sweet. They’re a nice fit IMHO.

  3. Dave, if the insurers fix my Viggen then there’s no way I’m asking for the Viggen wheels to be put back on. I’ll save up and pay the difference so I can get some Hirsch rims or something. Once you go through the pain of having to repair those bent Viggen rims (which I’ll now be doing for a second time) you realise that total authenticity isn’t everything.

    It’ll still be a Viggen. Just one without soft rims.

  4. Not much on the Viggen this week. I referred the matter to my lawyer, but he doesn’t handle such things so he’s referred it onto another lawyer he knows who handles more of your dispute type stuff. This new lawyer also has a motorsports background too, so he’ll understand the circumstances quite well. He’s reviewing all the paperwork and stuff now and hopefully I’ll talk to him next week.

    Off to Sydney in 24 hours, so it’s all about the 900 right now. Today I have organise the cheque, the insurace (grrr) and a few other things.

  5. I so want a 5-door Viggen.

    I think that any 5-spoke rims with a griffin in the middle work for the Viggen. I really don’t like it when cars don’t look stock, but off brands can work if they’re not too far from the original.

  6. You are correct sir. Borbet type FS in 18 inches. I love the harder edges and full fit, you can see em’ spinnin from behind. I second the 5-spoke pref, in fact my winter set is a 5 wide spoke like Porsches run.

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