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Further to the rally team participating in the Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally, you know the one, I wrote to Saab USA to ascertain the level of partnership that’s going on there. Saab indicated that the team petitioned GMNA for a car and a Saab was offered up as a vehicle for them to use.

They’ll consequently be strutting their stuff in a 9-3 Convertible, presumably from Saab’s press fleet.


Steve Shannon has posted on GM’s Fastlane Blog about the SOC being held later this week in Michigan. And yes, I’m going to be picky about it:

I like to think that the choice of the Great Lakes Saab Club as host of the event is an acknowledgment of the important role that Saab, GMโ€™s only European luxury brand, is playing in GMโ€™s future.

I like to think that a decent injection of marketing moolah would be a better acknowledgement. You’re letting them off easy, SS.


Pearce European, creators of some radical modded Saabs, are gauge-dropping once again, as shown on Flickr:

Saab gauges

Gotta say, I really wouldn’t know where to look.


Some interesting GM News in General. These don’t effect Saab now, but are indicators of emerging items that will effect Saab into the future:

1) GM plans to sell 60,000 Chevy Volts in it’s year of introduction. No doubt the E-flex drivetrain will make it’s way into Saab’s models down the track. But’ll be IF E-flex survives this initial sales run. That’s a big run for such a new and game-changing technology.

2) The Opel Corsa Hybrid concept car will be shown at Frankfurt next month. Saab 9-1 precursor, anyone? I really don’t know how much the 9-1 will evetually borrow from GM’s other compact car’s, but perhaps it’s worth keeping an eye on, especially given the hybrid nature.

3) And even further down the track, Saab might get hydrogen (waaaaaay further). GM are handing out a bunch of fuel cell Chevys for testing and unlike Honda, who charge $500 a month to the families testing their hydrogen cars, GM are providing the vehicles and the fuel for free.

Nothing is known about whether the testers can keep the water the car produces ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. GM owns a company in Canada called Hydrogenics. They have owned them and been testing their capabilites for about 7 years. Hyrdogenics suplies fuel cell powered busses all over the US. They also make hydrogen fuel cell emergency generators and are working to do a train. Don’t discount the fuel cell powered car. GM has run many of those already in ones and twos.

  2. Swade,

    Some help on the gauges, from left to right:

    Body Flex
    Torque Steer
    Distance to Tranny Melt-down

    and finally….


  3. I believe the future compact Saab will share platform with Opel Astra and not Corsa, but I guess the hybrid system will be used across platforms.

  4. Arild

    yup, taht would be my undertanding too. The Corsa could at best provide a basis for a Saab 9.05 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The size of a platform (both length and width)can change for different models. It’s not that a platform only can suit cars of one exact size.

  6. I thought that the use of GM-platforms would be like this:
    Gamma: Opel Corsa
    Delta (II): Opel Astra and Saab 9-1(?)
    Epsilon II: Opel Vectra, Saab 9-3 and 9-5

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