TS Competition – Plate my car!!

On Friday 17th I head up to Sydney to collect my new car – a silver 1985 Saab 900 Aero. I’ve been wanting to hold some sort of competition here for some time, and this is the ideal opportunity.

Saab 900 Aero

As I’ll have to re-register the car here in Tasmania, I figured we may as well decide what the new plate will look like here on the website.

So YOUR job is to come up with my new number plate!!!

Fully customised plates (i.e. any combination of letters and numbers) are very expensive here in Tasmania, but there’s an affordable alternative available and I think some creativity could come up with a suitable combination.

So here’s what you’ve got to work with:

Number Plate

The “L” stands for ‘letter’ and the “N” stands for ‘number’. It’s a 3-letter followed by 3-number combination. So if I was putting it on a Datsun 180B, for example, I might get DAT180. That’s the only restriction – three letters followed by three numbers.

There’s some other tips and regulations at the bottom of this post so please make sure you read the whole thing.



Elkparts Thanks to long-time site supporter Elkparts, I’m even able to offer a prize for the winning suggestion.

The winner’s creativity will be rewarded with not just one, but two fantastic Saabs!! All you’ll need to do to get in them is shrink yourself down to 1:43 scale.

Aero-X 1-43 UrSaab1-43Yes, Elkparts will be sending the winner a package with two 1:43 scale models – one of UrSaab and one of the Aero-X. Two classic Saab masterpieces worth around A$120 in one package and all you have to do to win them is have a little fun and be a little creative.

Elkparts have been an informal partner with this site since a very short time after it was created. That relationship continues because of the belief that we both have in each other’s work. I’d gladly recommend Elkparts to anyone as the range of stuff is huge, the prices are more than competitive, the products are first class, as is the service.

Click here to go and visit Elkparts. You know you want to.


Enter your combination in comments. I’ll pick the one I like the most and the first person to have entered that combination will be declared the winner.

The competition will run until 12 noon on Thursday the 23rd of August (i.e.almost a full week) and there’s a clock that tells you my local time in the left sidebar. I’ll announce the winner very quickly after entries close and order the new plates.

Obviously I’ll need to contact the winner after the competition closes, so make sure you enter your actual email address in the appropriate field in the comment form. Don’t worry, your email address will not be passed on to anyone, which is normal site policy.


A couple of terms, conditions and tips.


Comments are recorded on this site in chronological order. If your entry into this competition is your first ever comment here, then the comment will go into a moderation queue like all first-timers do.

Don’t worry, once it’s moderated and approved it will take its rightful place (as at the time you entered it) and if you’re the first person to come in with that combination then you’ll be recorded as such.


I don’t want one hyped up individual entering 60 combinations and ruining it for everyone else. You have three opportunities so make them good ones.

And don’t try to hide behind a fake name as I have your IP address. And don’t try and mask your IP as I have spies watching all of you. I do. Really. OK, I don’t, but let’s play fair, eh?


Firstly, the registration people here in Tassie have a filtering system and suggestive plates won’t be allowed.

Regardless of that, I don’t want to be driving around in DIK666 anyway, so I won’t choose it.


Here’s some relevant info that may give you some ideas:

My name is Steven Wade. The car is a 1985 Saab 900 Aero with a 2 litre, 16 valve, turbocharged engine.

The creative amongst you may realise that a number ‘0’ can also be a letter ‘O’ in the right setting. A ‘1’ and an ‘I’ can look quite similar, too. ‘S’ and ‘5’ get confused sometimes and an ‘8’ can look a little like a ‘B’ when you squint hard enough.

Over to you…

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  1. Swade, since it is a MY85 and it is a 900 and made in Trollhattan, Sweden (the official country code being SE), I would suggest the following:

    1. SWE 085 (SWE being a play on SE)
    2. TRH 900 (TRH for Trollhattan)
    3. SWD 900 (SWD for Swade)

    I rest my case.

  2. You could also say something like

    NOT 328

    but I vote for SPG 900 of the suggestions so far.

    It’s strange, in the USA we have smaller plates but have 7 letters/numbers to use.

  3. That middle initial is an ‘A’, Robin. Should have mentioned that.

    Keep ’em coming! Great suggestions so far. I had one in mind (which has already been mentioned) but am getting some great alternative ideas here.

  4. Here comes my 3 alternative:
    1: SVC 900 (Saab Veriable Compression)
    2: MIN 900 (My 900 in swedish) But if you pick this one, give the price to Zippy, I just stole his idea…
    3: APC 900 (APC is owned by SAAB but that wont stop you in this case) APC = Automatic Perfomance Control and is SAABs words for ignition control in correlation with the oktane…

  5. Is the real plate black with white characters? Looks better then white – and yellow, which is horrible on any car! Glad we don’t have them in Sweden for private vehicles.

  6. MIght I submit SWD 900?

    That letter combination references both the country of origin of the car and your identity as Swade.

  7. Just thought of another angle — but my three votes are already in, so this one is “free.”

    With James Bond in a Silver 900 …

    BND 007 … or any variation (using letters SAB, SAW, TRH, or perhaps the best deployment of this idea “AER007”)

  8. I don´t expect to win ( the one you had in mind is already in the list ) but there´s a few option just for fun…

    TSN 900 ( Trollhattan Saab Net 900 )
    SLS 900 ( Swade Loves Saab 900 )
    SWE 900 (Sweden 900 )

    The Compettition is a great idea…. bring them on!!!

  9. Kerry and Azzy came up with 3 for their entry!!!
    TAS 900
    BFG 900 (from Azzy) 🙂
    HOB 900
    We hope the drive goes well.

  10. Since you like some sort of sense for humour you might try LOL 707 as a laughing testimony on the rood, don’t just misplace the plate upside down…

    Why not state the cost for an individual plate and sell tickets for a real competition of creativity… Maybe you’ll need to pay more than our 5000 kronor as in Sweden but anyhow… untied characters is a better teaser for the brain to juggle with. Surely your car will deserve it and maybe you could raise the winning price as for being some money left over after the set…

  11. SIE 900 (TAS+SIE= Tassie 900)
    SDE 900 (Swede or Swade 900)
    MYC 900 (My c900)

    OH YEAH!! You know you want to pick one of those…

  12. You could put what I said as I saw the Viggen begin to spin out on the video:

    NOO000 (!)

    But putting several rings in a row might give the wrong impression to the untrained eye.

  13. Can it be any other than THS 900?! 😀 (TrollHattanSaab 900) Just MAYBE THN 900..(thn is Swedish short for Trollhättan)

  14. turbin got a good one.
    I was thinking about TRO 115.Made by of course.
    Or TUR 130,if you can cram the 1 and 3 together?.
    Swedish Camira would be too big of course ;-0
    ODD 900.

    Enjoy your drive Swade

  15. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this one yet:

    BHP 175

    (or any other appropriate #, after engine mods)

    or, for the Stanley Kubrick fans

    HAL 900

    (missing a 0, but still)

  16. How about SAB 202?

    I think the ’85 Aero engine was a B202…and if i’m right, it could be Saab Aero B202, right? It’s something only a true Saab geek would get, I guess – but with 51 responses and counting to your inquiry, there’s at least 52 of us Saab geeks out there.

  17. Jeez, time to get banned again…

    Pity you’re not going the 6-letter custom route:


    (That doesn’t count as a formal entry by the way!!)

    Saabologist, I did think about the TRO115 one, just not a fan of number/letter substitutes, but I guess that counts as one of your entries then 😉

  18. After re reading the post Turbin.TRO115 was taken by JuanRCM
    And i liked QUIRKY,but didn’t fancy a kick in the nuts off Steve the Arab.

  19. Thanks Saabologist, didn’t see JuanRCM’s entry and a quick page search didn’t show it either, my entry’s not so good after all.

  20. OOO-900

    ooohhh 900

    SLD 900 (Sled 900)

    what about a totally custom plate? Im sure you can get those down there too.



  21. How about BOG 900, since it’s bog standard. Perhaps the white letters on pink background for a really standout effect. My neighbours have these; mum was first with LYN 001, followed by daughters KEL 001 and JAN 001. I suggested the husband get OB 001, which he didn’t seem too keen on.


  22. Drew B it might be bog but this is Swade, he won’t leave well enough alone so:


    (Inadvertant cricket reference as well)

  23. ………or maybe that could be B-eautiful O-ld G-eneration 900? ;o)

    What a pity Steve ruled out DIK666, which would have been my second choice!


  24. Since plate starts with TAS I suggest plate with

    “MAN 900” (TASMAN 900 – so everywere in the world will know where are You from!!! 🙂

  25. FIN-900 (‘Fin’ means ‘nice, good looking’ in swedish)
    GUD-900 (Gud means ‘god’ in swedish. The God of all cars!)
    KUL-900 (Kul means ‘fun’ in swedish, and possibly ‘cool’ in english. Because it’s a fun car :))

  26. I’d also go for AER 085.
    I’m a bit envious on you tasmanians that have TAS on your plate (TAS is an abbreviation for “True Air Speed”…)

  27. If you’re keeping the 900 anyway and are able to forget about the 99, it could be : (TAS) WAD 900 reading “The SWADE 900”

    TRO 775 might do, not specifically 900-related, and reusable on your future Aero-X …..

  28. further to email
    in blighty your car is known as a “T16S” hence:

    SWT 165 SWade Turbo 16S
    TST 165 Trollhattan Saab Turbo 16S
    Aro 900

  29. VNE xxx

    “VNE” which in avaition stands for Never Exceed Speed, and your personal top speed with that car.

    I know, i’m stretching, but most ideas seem to have gone.


  30. Actually we have similar combinations in Belgium. First 3 letters and then 3 numbers (red on a white background). As the Z-combinations are not available for the general pubilc, they will start now with 3 numbers and then 3 letters. Shame, last time i should have asked for an XAE-501 (x aero 1 or 1st AERO X). Considering it was to register for a humble 150 hp TiD, i might save the extra money not paying for a customized plate and spend it later on a Hirsch-175 hp-upgrade, which sounds as a better investment to me.
    As this is my 4th entry, you can skip me as a winner, but then don’t use that XAE-501 combination … .

  31. If being part of a multi-saab-household/carpark or considering it won’t be your last saab to register, why not do it in simple nummerical order:
    SAA 301
    SAA 302
    SAA 303
    SAA 304

  32. ok, i’m already over the maximum of three, maybe not suitable for a 1985-model, but what about this one, just as a statement :

    GMS 443 (GM SAAB)

  33. This one is more pre-GM:
    (TAS) AAB 007
    Not very original as it already existed before:
    Model and color seems to match.
    If you are getting it difficult to settle with one combination, make the plate switchable, in true 007-style.

  34. Jacek,
    Superb rythm & sound.
    Though some lousy camerawork and montage.
    Suppose translated in Tasmanian it’ll be :
    WAS 443 ?

  35. GOT 900 : Double entendre — as in the Got Milk? campaign and GOT means good in Swedish.

    ALL 900 or ALL 999 (All Nines)

    OYA 900: “Oy, a 900!”

    Some suggestions.

  36. Actually, I have a fourth idea, which is out of contest I guess since you’re only allowed 3…

    JAS 039

    That would be that cool JAS 39 Saab builds for several airforces.

    Making a connection with the origins of Saab 🙂


  37. Whilst holidaying on the Gold Coast back in ’86, I can recall seeing a silver Zephyr convertible with the plate SEX-001. Wonder if the reg authorities would still allow that one, Steve?


  38. MYB 202 (“My B202”, as in engine)
    UKA 111 (with the “TAS” at the beginning it would sort-of spell-out “Ta, sucka!!!”)
    AUS 007

    Bean of Joy: I know what you were getting at, but unfortunately “Flight 900” was an Egypt Air flight that crashed in 1999. I don’t think Swade would want his car associated with that tragedy! 😮

  39. TrakDah: We’re only allowed three letters, thus I went for the phonetics, not the litteral spelling.

    I guess that I should have explained that :(eye roll):

  40. Like that I should probably explain that the ‘litteral’ spelling above is a joke — you see, he corrected me for using only one ‘t’….

  41. TWO 450
    for: two/twice 450 (=900)

    DRM 900
    for: dream 900

    NVR 006
    for: never “rolling over” with this car

  42. Steve,
    Here’s a different train of thought:
    Rather than just focusing on your car (which is already OBVIOUSLY cool),
    how about giving true credit to whom it is due?
    Your wife puts up with this whole Trollhattansaab thing, right?

    So, if you’ll check here, you’ll see that
    —(your wife’s initials here) and ‘143’ would mean ‘XXX-I love you’.
    1. ???-143 or (XOX-143)
    2. OUR-900
    3. JFF-900 (JUST FOR FUN) 900

    It’ll be better than flowers everytime you drive up!!!

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