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One question that I’ve been asked several times is whether or not XWD would be available on the 9-3 Convertible. I’ve just heard from Saab Sweden this morning and the answer is “No”.

XWD will come on the Turbo-X and will be available on gasoline-engined Aero versions of the 9-3 SportSedan and 9-3 SportCombi only.

At this point, the Aero TTiD will not have XWD, though they’re receiving a lot of enquiries about it so never say never.


Important TS News!

I’ve been wanting to hold some sort of competition on this site for a while now but could never come up with a good idea. I think I might finally have one. The details will come soon, but I can tell you that the prize will be a fun one and well-worth the little bit of brain power you’ll have to exercise.

You could win the Aero-X!! And UrSaab!!!

And as long as you can shrink yourself down to 1:43 size then you might actually be able to sit in them.

Thanks to John at Elkparts for the support. Details coming soon.


I found this article from Automotive Blogs amusing. I’m quite sure there’s a number of Saab customers going through the same thing with the impending release of the 2008 model.

It seems I’m either always stuck between having a car paid off, nearly paid off, or I just bought something, and have buyer’s remorse, because as soon as I bought it, something else hotter, faster and sexier came along. It seems to be an unbreakable cycle.

It’s a very tricky situation with those incentives available on 2007 models.


Car Clubs come out to play – part 1

Venner Saab tripvia TTELA via ctm: Reasons why it’s better to live in Europe than in Tasmania – you can drive to Trollhattan.

The Norwegian-based Saab Club Gammelsabbens Venner (link in the sidebar) took a three-week trip to Trollhattan for their own little 60th Anniversary celebration. There were some big events along the way and a few trials as well. ctm’s translation:

By way of Lillehammer and Nordkap [the northernmost point of mainland Europe], to TrollhΓ€ttan. After more than 3,000 miles, Gammelsabbens venner [www.gsv.no] met up yesterday outside the Saab Museum.

From Oslo, Copenhagen, the Netherlands and UK, about forty enthusiasts came to celebrate Saab’s 60th anniversary. The trip by way of Nordkap took about three weeks. According to Tom Eidesen, Oslo, it’s a celebration of the trip the now 30 year old car club made in 1997 when Saab had it’s 50th anniversary.

– “We didn’t get here by driving together all the way. We met in Lillehammer, had a dinner at Nordkap, and now we all meet again here…..”

Lisbeth and Bjarne Dahl left Copenhagen in a car that is undergoing restoration. Two days before the trip, they had to change the engine. It was only half an hour before departure that they got the engine started – “It takes courage to drive 3,000 miles in a car like that,” says Tom Eidesen.
And they were lucky the car started, because Lisbeth and Bjarne had planned to get married at Nordkap. They had to make some repair on the car during the trip. But they did arrive and at Nordkap they got married.

Great trip. Wish I could do that myself, actually.


Saab Clubs come out to play – part 2

If there’s anyone reading this site and you’re from Houston, Texas, AND you haven’t got in touch with the Lone Star Saab Club yet, you should check them out and say Hi.

The Houston group had their first gathering last month with five Saabs in attendance. one of them was owned by photographer Abe Covello, who’s work has featured in the Saab O The Week section of this website a few times.

Here’s a pic from that outing. Sub-par weather but a great looking bunch of Saabs.

Texas Saab Club

photo copyright owned by Abe Covello photography. Used without permission, but with a link and the best of intentions.

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  1. “…whether or not XWD would be available on the 9-3 Convertible… the answer is β€œNo”.


    -Short-term, say 3 year scope?

    -Or just MY08?

    Hate to drag it out, but inquiring minds… well you know.

    My wife officially graduates from nursing school on Monday next week! Woot! The next 12 months should see us having the means to upgrade from the MY03 9-5 Sedan to a new ride for her. Our M. O. was to get her a late-MY08 / new-MY09 ‘Vert next year. We had it all picked out, Electric Blue with Blue Top, Cold Weather Package, Premium 17″ Package, Premium 300W Radio, etc. Oh, yeah, XWD too! Is Saab bursting my bubble so soon?


    “You could win the Aero-X!! And UrSaab!!!”

    Whaddaya gotta do?! 8)


    “Lone Star Saab Club”

    Wow! That’s cool. We are actually contemplating a move from FL to Houston, TX! Should I find myself there, I will certainly lend my support and join! Hmm..

    9-5… Check!
    900… Check!
    Viggen… Check!
    9-3 ‘Vert… Check!
    OG 9-3 5-door… Check!
    Do they need a Combi in that line-up? πŸ˜›

  2. Yeah, I had the same trouble with Abe’s site unfortunately. To see his SOTW pictures – try here.

    I’m unclear about whether it will be “never” for XWD on the Convertible, but I’d say it’ll be a long time before it’s offered on that one. TTiD Aero and other forms of the 9-3 range would likely get it first, I think.

  3. I doubt that XWD will be offered on the vert until the new 9-3 comes around, because verts are so structurally different than regular cars. It’s why convertibles usually don’t show up for a year or so after the regular versions of new cars.

  4. I think the 9-5 looks outdated in that shot. Seriously, who wants to drive around a car that’s basically 9 years old? AMIRITE?!

    I’m just kidding, obviously. I think the 9-5’s front end looks pretty cool. The profile, now THERE’S where the car falls apart in the looks department. Am I the only person who thinks that 9-5s look kinda odd from the side? It still doesn’t turn me off of the car entirely, but it’s still something I notice when I see one…

  5. Well, it IS nine years old, after all…

    It is a rather small car for its class, with rather vertical rear glass and long overhangs. And I’ve always thought the rear facelift was less successful than the much-criticized front, especially in the wagon.

    Agreed, it takes some special dedication to buy a car that old as a new one.

    But still, I think it looks kinda nice (long and sleek) in this shot. (smileyyyy…)

  6. The Convertible will never get the XWD, because they don’t want to invest in the assembly line in Graz. The totally new 9-3 should come in ’10/’11 so the investment is too high for the short range and low production of cars there.

    Hopefully the all new 9-3 III will have XWD as an option for the vert

  7. The 9-5 doesn’t look odd at all. When compared to the current 9-3 SS I think it is the design that is more likely to stand the test of time.

    The straight lines for me say old school not old fashioned. Go the 9-5.

  8. riku1100s “Agreed, it takes some special dedication to buy a car that old as a new one.”
    If they made the classic 900 again, would you buy it? I’ll bet you would. I know I would. πŸ™‚

  9. Swade, I will call Abe in few min and tell him to fix that problem if he will not …………..well aint buying no more beer for him. Now I would like to hear some nice comments about my eight SAAB, 1992 convertible that replaced few months ago my red 1988 convertible ;-).That is the one behind 2007 9-5 and more pics you can find on lonestarsaabclub.com under members πŸ˜‰

  10. Now hey guys… About that 9-5 in the photos – that’s mine. And to be honest with you when I saw the new front end it took some getting used to – but I now love it and especially the Steel Gray Metallic paint! It is definitely more agressive than its predecessor.

    As for the 9-5 being a nine year old car – I agree with some of your commets. I always chuckle when I see a car several years older than mine with basically the same seats, interior set-up, etc. However, the 2006 dash update does make the car look much more modern.

    I think the 9-5 front-end will stand up to the test of time and am really looking forward to the new 9-3 as I think the “eyebrows” are awesome. I can’t wait to see the first one behind me on the road at night. Much like BMW’s angel eyes, I think that you will know it’s a Saab tearing up the road behind you, getting closer…

    Swade – thanks for the post on the meeting. It was a real success and we are all excited about the next event. The clubs been around for only two months and we already have 40 members, so we’re looking forwad to a good crowd next time (and hopefully having all 4 Viggens in the club there).

  11. Swade, are you SURE about XWD not being available on the vert?

    I’ve just been speaking to a friend of mine in the states, and he is adamant that XWD is available as an option on the ‘vert on the brochure he has.

    I’ve asked him to try and get a scan over to me asap.

    Anyone else have access to the new brochure?

  12. You allways have my permission to use my Saab (or any other) photos here.
    Sorry to those having problems with my web site. It’s currently under redevelopment and should be completly useable and ready to be browsed by this weekend. Yeah, sometimes I’m lazy. πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks Abe.

    Kaz, the convertible news came from Christer Nilsson, the guy who hosted me around the Saab Factory. He wasn’t forthcoming about future model years, but said that it wouldn’t be on the convertible. I told him that I know one guy in the UK who would be bitterly disappointed.

    The comment above about not wanting to invest further in Graz makes sense, too.

  14. I think some people missed my sarcasm about the 9-5 being 9 years old. I had hoped the all-caps AMIRITE?! would tip people off, but I spose not. I was trying to sound like 9-5 bashers who tell people not to buy one because it’s such an old platform, even though this is actually a good thing (since all the bugs have been stamped out by now and it’s a super solid car).

    Though I do think the car has odd lines, and I perfer the 9-3, I still like the 9-5 a lot.

  15. Jeff, few weeks ago I had customer in 2007 Pontiac GTO 400 hp pile of rubbish to me. We drove and all it was………. just brutal power. I told customer to drive 2007 9-5 AERO with 5-speed standard transmission,my favourite black on black with AC seats(nuttin better than cold air blowing in your butt in Houston Tx) He test drove that car by himself ,when he come back he simply told me……what the f… I was thinking traded in his car for “8 yr old desighn 2007 9-5” . You are right,it is still a great car .

  16. C’mon now, the GTO was a very decent car handicapped by banal styling that didn’t register with the buying public. It was pretty well put to gether and the interiors were as nice as any contemporary Saab.
    I had a great time hammering the GTO around a racetrack in 2005. Just because it is different from our Saabs doesent mean it is bad. Nothing rubbish about it at all.

  17. I think that SAAB getting the XWD ready for standard 9-3 equip ASAP would be the shot-in-the-arm, the customer drawcard which could see them pulling sales in serious numbers.

    In business, to pull off a success-especially when you’re behind, you need to take risks albeit calculated ones. This could well be the risk that pays off. To delay too long will allow some of the competition (and there’s some serious competition) too much time to respond.

    Bite the bullet SAAB and make the 9-3 the kind of car many will want and forced to consider. SAAB needs an edge and while character might do it for some of us, reality dictates this won’t be enough for the customer.

  18. Ted Y,

    (I don’t need to, I already have a 1991 Le Mans blue Aero). Nostalgy aside, the 9- 3 SS is so much better car although with a lot less personality.)

    Jeff: True, a nine-year-old design isn’t necessrily a bad thing because it has been updated several times and most likely is free from any teething problems.

    Still, I can’t see it (the age of the design) as something that makes a new car more attractive.

    My original comment wasn’t meant to be sarcastic at all. The 9-5 looks and runs good and I like it a lot, never mind the age.

  19. Jacek – Hey, don’t knock brutal power. It’s fun. If the GTO’s design didn’t put people to sleep, it would have been a kickass car…though, if I lived in Texas, I’m sure those ventilated seats would have made a huge impression on me.

    riku – Maybe a 9 year old design doesn’t make a new car more attractive, but it shouldn’t make it less attractive, which is what the motoring press always implies, the bastards.

  20. @ Kaz

    I have the german 9-3 ’08 brochure here, and there is nothing to find about XWD, not in the vert brochure and not in the SS and SC brochures. And again, XWD will only be available in the Sport Sedan and Sport Combi, i talked with a guy from the european development center about the XWD vert, and he said, definitely no XWD vert, because they don’t see a big enough market for a XWD vert.

  21. Main reason for not putting the XWD on the Cab is that it has a non-isolated rear subframe with braces to increase the body stiffness compensating for not having a roof. With a differential mounted on the rear subframe you must have isolation between the diff and the subframe and then between the subframe and the body to eliminate driveline noise. In other words, XWD and Cab are not compatible without a lot of modifications.

  22. I managed to get my friend to double check and make sure regarding the US brochure and XWD verts.

    He now says he was wrong, and that XWD is indeed conspicuous by its absence on the convertible.

    It’s a shame, because I think they have got it wrong about it not being a big seller. I for one would certainly tick the box, and I’m sure there are many more. Audi sells quite a few quattro verts, and in my opinion, the convertible definitely needs XWD.

    I’m assuming this will also mean that there will be no 280bhp engine in the ‘vert either? πŸ™

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