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A little more on the happenings at the Saab Owner’s Convention later this week in the US.

Firstly, and sadly, Erik Carlsson will not be attending due to his wife, Pat Moss, being unwell.

Second, there’ll be several presentations involving “the other Steve” (he he) during the SOC. Friday night will see a BBQ-type thing happening and Mr Shannon will be making some remarks there with regard to the unveiling of the 2008 Saab 9-3.

He’ll also be chairing a round-table meeting on Saturday morning at 11am. Make sure you all get along and lend him your ears. And can someone please videotape this and post it on YouTube?

Finally, he’ll be introducing the keynote speaker, Fritz Henderson, at the dinner on Saturday night. And FYI, if I’m remembering an email I got late last week correctly, then apparently Fritz’s Mrs drives a Saab convertible. So unless he wants to sleep in the doghouse he’d better keep Saab chugging along and improving.


SaabhuyCongratulations to Etienne from the Saabhuy website in Belgium, who appears to have landed a spot in the newspaper with regard to a local Saab festival being held.

The caption on Flickr reads “Newspaper report by Luc Arlotti for La Meuse about the European Saab meeting in Huy :september 15&16 2007”

Great display. Etienne!


Got Satnav?

Don’t program your home into it!

The advice comes after a Shropshire family visiting Alton Towers had their car broken into and the sat nav and a set of car keys stolen. The offenders then used the sat nav, which had “home” saved, to find their house and stole a £20,000 Saab convertible from the driveway.


For those Aussies who are interested, there was a great in-depth article on alternative fuels in the SMH today.

In short, the age of the hybrid is (if not already here) coming quickly. Biofuels get a mention with Saab included in the story and one of the main sources for info on biofuels quoted in the story is David Lamb, a scientist who was present at the Saab BioPower launch here back in January.

Saab launched BioPower to the press back in January and are making the 9-5 BioPower available for sale shortly, though there’s no fuel available for it, and little hope of it coming soon. It’s a leadership exercise and a good one at that.


Finally, with all the pics I’ve taken of the 900 in the last few days, I forgot to get one of the donk (that’s Aussie for engine). Thanks to Bill, who I met at Gundagai on the way from Sydney to Melbourne, that situation has now been remedied. Click to enlarge.

Saab 900 Aero engine

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  1. Regarding the SatNav and the programming of your ‘home’ location, this is good advice not to programme your real home.

    My father has the local polis station programmed as his ‘home’ location. 😀

  2. john —

    That’s a smart idea and exactly what I have done with the nav preset marked “home” in my SAAB. Anyone who steals it and tries to make it to our house, will arrive at the Loudoun County (Virginia, USA) police station.

    A friend had another good idea: program the local Dunkin Donuts. It will have the same effect.

  3. I hope it’s not serious with Pat Moss. I have her book “The Story so Far” which I enjoyed very much. I also have “The Art and Technique of Driving” which she co-authored with Erik, but I kind of think she had a very large input to it. Good reading.
    I wish her well.

  4. SatNav? C900 don’t need no stinkin’ SatNav!

    So, what’s the deal with the Steves?

    Swade, Saabhuy (Etienne =Steven), Steve Shannon, etc.

  5. what kind of saab cabrio was stolen? I thought Saab’s were supposed to be thief proof with the center mounted ignition.

  6. Is it possible to steal a Saab without the keys? First off, you can deadbolt them, which makes it pretty hard to do much of anything, and then, I would think they’re pretty tough to hotwire.

    Not that I’m thinking of stealing a certain Monte Carlo Yellow C900 Cabrio that’s hidden behind an old E-Type and a rusted out Esprit at my local Saab shop or anything…


  7. I thought Saab’s were supposed to be thief proof with the center mounted ignition.

    …except for when the thief has the keys for the car.

    That is why you have so many fake vehicle shunts in London. Criminals shunt an expensive motor, owner gets out, other criminal jumps into motor and drives off leaving bloke with no motor.

    They’re crafty these criminal types 😉

  8. eggsngrits: we Mikes just use assumed names. 😉

    Regarding satnav, last week I was working with a couple of engineers who flew over from Germany and these guys were surprised that our cars don’t come standard with it. We pointed out that the Ford Taurus rental car part of the group had sells for less than USD20K, their rental Chevy Impala sells for just over USD21K, and my company-supplied Dodge Stratus (which I jokingly kept insisting is technically “German” since it was made by DaimlerChrysler) went for less than USD20K when new and to use the BMW 325i, for example, the satnav option costs an additional USD2,100 MSRP (it’s USD2,145 for the 2.0T SAAB 9³ for comparison purposes). It’s very cost-prohibitive. It’s much cheaper to get a good aftermarket navigation solution.

    The German guys also surmised that here (in Southern California) because the roads are generally on a “grid system” it’s not like in Europe where the roads are all twisted and confusing so it’s easier to get around without a navigation system and that might account for the general lack of satnav in cars in American cars. I countered though that on the U.S. east coast the roads are very convoluted like Europe. This is because the roads were usually originally animal trails which evolved into horse trails, which eventually morphed into horse-drawn wagon trails, and eventually then into roads for automobiles.

    I think that satnav is less popular here in the States than in Europe simply due to the economics.

  9. I didn’t think I would use my navigation all that much. However, I got a sweet deal on my MY 2006 9-3 SportCombi, so I felt like I could add it on without fretting over the cost. After using it for a while, I definitely find it useful and much preferred over having to stop and get directions from locals.

  10. gryphon: I’m not discounting the effectiveness of satnav, I’m just pointing out that the excessive cost might keep most people from opting for it. Your situation was unique in that you were getting such a great deal, why not?

    However, instead of paying $2,145 extra on a new car one could buy a very good Garmin or Magellan or other aftermarket unit at a fraction of the cost.

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