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Hi all,

Just thought I’d pass this on.

I did hear this whilst in Sweden and have mentioned it before as something I believed would be happening. Now it’s something I can confirm.

Those of you considering the purchase of a Saab Turbo-X better give some thought as to the body style you’re after. I’ve just had it confirmed by Saab Sweden that the Turbo-X will be available in both Sport Sedan and SportCombi body styles.

I can’t wait to see the full shots of the SportCombi Black Turbo.

When they release another landmark model in 10 or 15 years they’ll use a photo of the black 99T, the black 900 T16S and the Turbo-X SportCombi – take it to the bank.

Saab Black Turbo

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  1. The sportcombi as Turbo X would be dope. I believe that I am one of saabs younger customers, so I still prefer the sportsedan as Turbo X….
    I think that there will be more sportsedan versions sold than sportcombis.

    I am looking very much forward to the Turbo X. I will also buy myself the Turbo X when it will release next year in February, and it will be the SportSedan.

  2. Mr. Aero, My leanings would be toward the Sportsedan also, but I wouldn’t call the Turbo X Spotcombi a dope. Wasn’t that a Sportcombi XWD in Swade’s video that was quicker through the slalom than the Porsche 911 AWD Turbo? If Saab can make a wagon as quick and maneuverable as a Porsche 911, I think that says even more on their incredible engineering abilities than making a sedan as quick as the 911.
    Enjoy that Sport sedan when you get it, I’m glad for you. Please keep us up to date when you get it. I’m envious. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thanks for replying to my question regarding whether the Turbo-X will be made available in both body-styles. A Scandinavian IDS representative as of yesterday August 13 had no idea (and said he only knew of the Sport Sedan for sure). Hope your source is good this time, Swade ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I want my STX-SC

    Stig in Tokyo

  4. The rumor of a TurboX Combi is just that..i wouldn’t place a big wager on that vehicle happening. In fact that question was asked at the recent “convention” and was told unequivacably that the TurboX is sedan only. If anything they should make a convertible variant.

  5. swade, thanks for the news and always, you have the scoop!

    Mine will be a Turbo X 9-3 SportSedan… whenever one makes it to the States! I’ve told the dealership to let me know when I can place an order.

    I love my current MY 2006 9-3 SportCombi, but I think the aggressive styling and mechanicals of the Turbo X will be best executed in Sedan form.

    Ted Y, I think “dope,” used in this context by Mr. Aero, is in reference to a good thing. For example, “Man, that new SAAB Turbo X sure is DOPE. I got to get me one.” Mr. Aero, correct me if I am wrong – I’m a 36 year old trying to talk like someone two decades younger.

  6. He’s one of Saab’s younger customers, of course he’s using dope in the good way.

    I, myself, am (most likely) younger than he is (I’m assuming this because he can afford a Turbo X, and I sure as hell can’t), though I would never ever ever use that term to describe a Saab, and one of the many reasons I’m super excited about the Turbo X is that it will be easier to impress my friends with than the standard SS’s.

    …Am I the only one that thinks its funny that SS is also Chevy’s performance line?

  7. Weather we agree or disagree on the options, the Combi must be part of the Turbo X, Black Turbo editions etc etc much the same as the Audi S and RS series. The fact remains that many petrol heads (me included) that are family men can not justify purchasing sedans our coupes for the sake of satisfying themselves and ignoring their family needs. Audi in particular read this form the market and transferred their sport options to some of their wagons. A move that has proven to be very wise and successful. So, yet again the market dictates what suppliers need to do !!!.

  8. Maaan… First I held off getting a MY 2007 for the more aggressive MY 2008. Now when i’m soo close to getting (my first Saab..and car), I get this news?! Now I may just have to wait until the Turbo-X. Actually, I really can’t…I need a car.

    Mr. Aero & Jeff, your comments make me ask the question, “How old are the Saab Fanatics around here?” I, myself am 26. Holla Back, if you know what i’m sayin?!

  9. Abs, I am also 26. Good luck with buying your new car.

    I’m jealous that your first car will be either a MY2007 or 2008 9-3. I had to make do with a toyota before my 9-5 Aero.

  10. For the record, I’m 37 and there’s no way on earth I could afford anything new. Convincing the Mrs to pull $22K out of our home loan for the Viggen two years ago took a lot of sucking up.

  11. I’m 19. Homie. I won’t be able to afford a new Saab for a long time, if ever. That’s fine with me, though. I’ll be content with my current 900 (mark my words, it will outlive me, you all watch!), and eventually, a c900 turbo vert.

    Speaking of my current Saab, does anyone know if you can swap out a B234I engine for a B234L or R, or will that cause trouble?

  12. From my age I am not really saabs target group. But that means also that Saab is attracting new customer groups, which means more sales, which means more money to develop innovations, more target groups, more sales…..
    With the Turbo X they are definatily takin a step in the right direction. I dont know how much it would cost Saab if the X would be also availiable as a SCombi. If the extra cost is very low, it would make sense. otherwise not, because most of the people will prefer the SS. Maybe Saab should just look how many Aero SS and how many Aero SC they sold to answer that question to predict the right sales number…

    I would also appreciate it a lot if they bring out more limited performance cars in a shorter period of time. I am pretty sure that the X will sell out fast even it is not faster than the aero, but because its limited.

    A cool thing would be if the Turbo Xยดs would be individually numbered inside, for example with a metal plate, like the James Dean Boxter which was built 1953 times. I sure that this would make it very special and interesting to a lot of people for a very low cost (metalplate, screws).

    Or course I ment it would be MORE THAN VERY GOOD if Saab would offer the Turbo X as a Sportcombi when I said “DOPE” above.

  13. Mr. Aero, I too share your same opinions. All my friends think of Saabs as sub-standard to a typical luxury car (Lexus, BMW, MB, etc.) due to their low percieved reliability. I for one would like to be the one to convince them wrong.

    And for the record, I’ve been saving up and working some crazy overtime to afford a good down payment for the car loan. It also helps that I’m squeezing out every mile from a 92′ Mazda Protege with 180K+ miles on it before I get any new car.

    Cheerz! [yeah I added the ‘Z’ cuz I’m Dope like dat]

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