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A lot of things have happened since I changed the content management system that the site runs on last month. In terms of the usability of the site I think it’s all been for the good, and I hope you’ve found the new site useful and have made use of some of the new features.



I know that when I changed over, my RSS feed changed as well, and I’ve noted that the number of RSS subscribers has fallen since that time. If you previously access the site via RSS and have lost the feed, the address for the feed is:

For those of you who don’t use an RSS feedreader, I use and recommend Bloglines. It’s easy to use and maintain and you can check up most of your regular websites all from the one interface.

If you’re already using Bloglines, I’ve added a “Subscribe to Bloglines” button at the bottom of the left sidebar so that you can easily add the TS feed to your list.



I’ve got an extensive list of links in the blogroll on the right.

If your site is listed there and you don’t have a reciprocal link back to Trollhattan Saab, then I’d ask that you consider adding one.

Thanks a bunch.


2008 Saab 9-3

I’ve also added back the link to the 2008 Saab 9-3 category of this blog. It up near the top of the right sidebar.


OK, back to normal….

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  1. Somethings very crook with this, the page is empty apart from a couple of inches on the left as i read it and i’m having to type without seeing half of what i’m typing. You’ve pressed a wrong button somewhere.

    I hate change for changes sake by the way, one of the reasons i like Saab. Pointless changes annoy me.

  2. For me that uses IE 6.0 here at work the site now looks very bad, all text is in the left column and it is even very hard to write this message.

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