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Congratulations to Ivan!!

Some of you may remember that Ivan put together a short video to promote the custom Saab T-shirts that he designs.

Our T-shirt producer, Spreadshirt, have featured the video on their Spreadshirt blog today!


I don’t recall seeing a paint scheme like this at the Saab Festival in Sweden, and now that I’ve seen this CGI screenshot from Forza2, I’m wondering why the heck I didn’t see a paint scheme like this in Sweden.

For one, it seems like a perfectly obvious thing to do. And second, it doesn’t too bad at all.

Forza Viggen


Could Russian owned Saabs ever be built in China?

Don’t scoff.

A Russian GAZillionaire has just purchased a 5% block of GM stock on the open market. Whether this is the first of many purchases is yet to be seen, but it’ll be interesting to watch.

And an Automotive News email this morning told me that Chery are going to be building Alfas and Fiats in the next year or so. Whilst Chinese car-building efforts so far have left a little to be desired, the trusting of Chery with a brand like Alfa (i.e. a brand with a passionate following that’s in the midst of rebuilding) tells me that the Chinese must be getting their act together more than we realise.

Just wait until India makes big noises in manufacturing….


I’m still waiting on the insurance company. I called them this morning thinking that by Wednesday they’d have an answer and was curtly told that there’s other investigations ahead of mine and that they will get in touch by the end of the week.

The fact that I’ve been without a car (read this is as “without legs”) for two and half weeks means little-to-nothing, despite the fact that this is what I pay premiums for. I just want to know the initial decision – will they cover it or not? If I can get that answered then at least I can move forward.

It’s so hard to be patient and courteous on the phone with a guy who’s basically telling you to pull your bottom lip up over your head and swallow. He’ll make the decision in his own good time.

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  1. Richo, it ain’t that much and the terms of the policy (choice of repairer etc) are actually pretty good. It’s just that waiting…..

    T, click through to the link for the GAZ connection.

  2. Chinese cars have a LONG way to go before they will be on sale in the West if recent crash test results are anything to go by so a Chinese built Saab is about as likely as Chery building a Ferrari.

  3. Those crash results only apply to certain manufacturers, and they were marketing the cars under their own names.

    Also, that shot from Forza 2 has me a tad confused. I knew there was a Saab 9-3 Aero in the game, but I figured it would be a new one and not an OG9-3…or am I missing something here?

  4. Ok, well, that’s cool. You’d think they’d have made it a Viggen then…or maybe they didn’t work torque steer into the game’s physics engine :p

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