Win an Aero-X????

What would you give to get hold of the Aero-X? I’m guessing your firstborn may not be quite enough.

Just imagine if you could win it for next-to-nothing!

I’d imagine all sorts of fantastic thoughts were flying through Ryno’s head when he saw this poster in a shopping mall in Houston today:

Aero-X Sweepstakes

If the competition operator were particularly cruel he’d give away one of those 1:43 scale Aero-X’s.

Instead, he’s apparently giving away a Maserati, but using the much more desirable Saab to do it.


And speaking of the Aero-X, I found another HDR pic from Germany’s Documenta Arts Festival.

I just wish one of these HDR dudes would get a shot of the entire car. It’s not as if it’s a dull subject for a photo, right?

Aero-X HDR

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