Yeah, you’ve seen (most of) that Saab 9-5 before

I published a rendering from Auto Motor and Sport earlier today and the perceptive amongst you asked if we’d seen it before. Well, we’ve seen most of it.

I first showed this photo at least 18 months ago and as you can see, there’s more than just a little bit of similarity here.

Autocar 2009 Saab 9-5

Again, for your comparison, here’s the image from AM&S:

Saab 9-5 AMS

So this latest image looks like a re-do of that somewhat older image. The big question is whether or not that re-do is meaningful. AM&S are telling me that it is but I’d like to hear from someone who’s seen the actual 9-5 images recently in Sweden. I know you’re out there…..


Also, this entry marks the first in a new category called 2009 Saab 9-5. Call me an optimist, but late 2008 or early 2009 is the best intel I’ve got on this car at the moment, so I’ll run with that.

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  1. Its rather obvious that the car is bigger than the current 9-5. Is there any conformation from Saab about this picture? If it is a 09 model than you would think we will be seeing this car very soon (6 to 10 months from now). I like what I see so far.

  2. Rayman, yes and no

    the Car Magazine actually uses two sets of images of different carts (the third window behind the c pillar gives it away). The frontal image is the constant other than that it has been tweeked to extend a part of the headlights under the grill. That seems like a minor tweek – almost a why- bother- tweek? Unless it was informed by some new intel!

    I reckon the rear door shape will soften to give us a bit more hockey stick and a bit less abrupt. Otherwise I hope and think this will turn out to be reasonably accurate, but yes, there are loads of people out there who can easily confirm …..go on, let us all in on it!! please!!!

  3. Bigger = better IMHO. The current 9-5 isn’t big enough to compete with the likes of the 500-series Bimmer and the Audi A6.

    Again, I like it overall. The shape is a bit similar to the past generation Chrysler full-sized trio (Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler 300M, Chrysler Concorde), which concerns me a little bit. I’m sure that the marketing folks will fix that in short order…

  4. As it is a vw phaeton, you can buy one already now, or a secondhand 2002 model. No need to wait until 2008 or 2009 or …, and stick some saab-badges on it, park it in your driveway, and let saabist laugh about it – like the recent honda-saab-aspiring entry

  5. The big question is if the combi will come at the same time as the sedan. I have seen an old figure that the combi will arrive one year after the sedan. If this is the case it will really hurt Saab (at least here in Sweden), who wants to buy an old combi when the new sedan is out? They will loose buyers to Volvo for example. This is why Volvo has separated ther lines and created S40 – V50, S60 – V70. In that way no one thinks about it if the combi comes a year later since it is not the same car. But since Saab doesn’t separate them they will be in trouble if they dont release them at the same time. Just my two $0.02…

  6. So the rumour can be started that VW are going to buy SAAB ? Or GM has incorporated the VAG-group ? Or a thirth option, as the phaeton wasn’t a financial succes: VW dismanteld their production line and sold and shipped it to a well known Swedish company ?

  7. Gee this looks like “… a cross of the next Jaguar XF and the Maseratti Quattroporte. While it is still clearly a Saab, no one will be confusing it with the old 9-3. ” Sound familiar?

  8. TAKE A LOOK AT 2002 PHEATON AS VISIBLE ON NETCARSHOWDOTCOM, clearly somenone just used the phaeton as a basis for a simple photoshop action. The only rumour there is, is the rumour of a 2008 or 2009 new saab.

  9. Nevitz – Actually, I agree with Wilfried, it does resemble a Phaeton with the Aero-X’s trunk. Obviously, the new 9-5 won’t actually be a Phaeton in disguise, but this photochop may have used one for a starting point. I think Wilfried’s comments about VW and Saab/GM weren’t serious.

  10. Wilfried & Jeff,
    this link is to the pictures I THINK you are referring to. I do not see the resemblance to the all.
    I just looked again before posting.
    I don’t see it, guys.
    Überhaupt nicht, eigentlich…

  11. Here is some real stuff, future Opel Vectra. As i recall it good 9-5 will be on shared and elongated 9-3/vectra platform.

    Flaggschiff in der Wüste: Opel Vectra

    # Hier sehen Sie Schnappschüsse des neuen Opel Vectra!

    Noch ein Europäer beim Hitzetraining in Amerika – letzte Vorbereitungen auf den Marktstart des neuen Vectra Ende nächsten Jahres. Größer, breiter, alles in allem ein würdiger Konkurrent für den ja ebenfalls in Größe und Rauminhalt gewachsenen Klassen-Leader VW Passat. Trotz schickem Tapetenmuster zum ersten Mal gut zu erkennen: Das Styling orientiert sich an der neuen, bei Astra und Antara sichtbaren Markenlinie.

    Unter der Haube werden Motoren wie ein 2,7l-V6-turbodiesel oder ein weiterentwickelter 2,8l-Benzin-V6 arbeiten; Allradantrieb wird ebenfalls verfügbar sein. Die echte Neuerung wartet aber im Innenraum: Ein System namens Traffic Assist sucht mittels Lasern und Kameras nach möglichen Verkehrshindernissen, Straßenmarkierungen und Verkehrszeichen.
    link with picts:


    In februari on there was talk about opel developping a model replacing the signum, using again the 60’s ‘Kapitän’ -label, and platform is being shared with future saab 9-4 X. 2009 or so ….
    Which made me order a 2007 9-5 (instead of a Phaeton-coloss), presuming Saab won’t be ther until 2010 …

  12. Somebody knows why not all comments are getting published ?
    Is the webmaster anxiuos about too much non saab-related stuff ?
    Or doesn’ t he want it to become a free podium of thoughts ?
    I tried earlier to mention some sites where the future opel astra is visible as a real ‘Erlkönig’, the opel signum is getting replacement as a opel kapitän (surely a companion to their recent GT – some greetings from the 60’s) and, which made sense and is interesting, this kapitän is sharing platform with a future saab 9-4X. All that seems a lot more hotter than a fake photoshopped saaphaeton. Wasn’t the nowadays signum sharing platform with the 9-5 and wasn’t that a alongathed 9-3/vectra platform ?

  13. Oh yes, talking about rumours, the saabphaeton will have a outstanding new saab feature: ‘touch-my-saab-badge-and-the-boot-will-open-up’.
    If you study the detailphotographs carefully on netcarshowdotcom you will see a mock-up, not fully working but a human hand shows clearly where on the badge you’ll have to push.

  14. Oh and those flat saapheatons taillights remind me a bit about recent over-muscled jaguar xcf 4-door coupé.
    I really hope Lo and his team do come up with something more 9X/AeroX related shapes.

  15. Wilfried: If that Astra post you made earlier was your first at this site, it went into the moderation queue. That’s why all your subsequent posts went right up but that one didn’t. Also, if you have more than two links in a post, that post also goes into the mod queue. Swade puts up most of the stuff that goes into the queue, but it sometimes takes a little while. It’s to cut down on spam.

  16. OK.

    By the way, made a mistake myself by being too fast, should be making a queue in my head first.
    It’s a vectra, not an astra.

  17. Wow, I thought we had great participation here with 21 comments, but then I realized that Wilfried accounted for NINE! Mist!

  18. Thanks Wilfried, for your expert (no sarcasm) comments. It’s obvious that the phaeton was used as base for the photoshops, which the c-pillar reveals.

    Certainly the 9-5 won’t be nowhere as large as VW Phaeton. My guess is that it’ll be quite close (dimensionwise) to the new Ford Mondeo, which is btw a rather large car.

    Even the current GM epsilon 1-platform has a long-wheelbase version used in Opel Signum and Vectra Caravan and coming Chevy Malibu. That would probably give an estimate of the wheelbase for the coming 9-5. Add width some 50-100 mm (compared to epsilon 1 cars) and roof profile of Vectra spyshots. That should give a pretty good guess of the size of the 9-5.

    Got it ?

  19. Yeah, but i’ll have the surgery on this side of the ocean (reminds me that the ophthalmologistics are somehow the public which vw had in mind launching their phaeton).

  20. to be honest the first picture look like a citroen C3 i realy dont know why it was just the first impression maybe but the second is a huge improvment but if u also look at the new jaguar XF the tail lights look very similar !!!

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