You know you’re too addicted to Saabs when….

You know you’re too addicted to Saabs when you fly 1,000+ kms to buy even an inexpensive one, drive it 1,100 kms home – enduring a sleep-depriving overnight ferry ride along the way – and the first person you call in to see when you get back isn’t your wife.

It’s your mechanic, just to show him the car.


Apologies for the lack of stuff here, but web access has been quite limited in the last few days.

Please feel free to add your own “addicted” anecdote in comments…..

3 silver Saabs

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  1. Your Aero looks right at home in that pic… Once those ugly yellow plates are gone!

    And you know you’re addicted to Saabs when 3 days before it’s due to go for a service you call the mechanic with all the Saab part numbers he will need to order in advance.

  2. Good to catch up with you when you were in Melbourne Swadey! Glad I finally got the chance to give you a drive of the Silver Sled – you seemed to enjoy it! 🙂

    The 85 Aero is a sweet car too – congrats again!

    You know when you are addicted to Saabs when the bookshelf in your lounge room contains an old Garret T3 turbo, spare badges, an old ECU chip and various other Saab paraphenalia! haha


  3. you know you are addicted to saabs when you are knee deep in student loan debt, your viggen that needs new wheels isn’t quite paid off, you only have one parking space at your apartment, and you can fully justify adding a c900 vert _AND_ an spg because they aren’t getting any newer. oh how i want to love them and take care of them!

    also, you know you are addicted to saabs when your girlfriend wants to play “spot the saab” on road trips.

  4. You know you’re addicted to Saabs when you agree to buy a non-running shell of a once-famous red SPG to save it from the crusher, knowing that you have to transport it 1,400 miles back home.

    And when to get it home you fly into the area, buy a used GMC Suburban with 221,000 miles, and rent a U-Haul tow dolly to get it home.

    And when the trip home takes two 14-hour days of driving.

    The story begins with this thread (my commitment to purchase the shell shows up at about post #75):

  5. You know you’re addicted to SAABs when you start thinking of your friends and family in terms of which SAAB they should drive. My best friend would be a classic 900 5 door owner. My sister would drive her family around in a 9-3 SC.

  6. You know when you are addicted to Saab when your first car is a Saab (a red 99 back in 1980) and your current car is still a Saab (a black 9000). And another hint might be that when the old 99 finally was shredded you take out the drivers seat and put it in your room as a small souvenir…

  7. Good to see you Swados. 85 aero sounds horn on WOT up a bridge 😉

    You know you’re too addicted to Saabs when….

    you have parts in every room of your house including the broom cupboard

    you have all the saab dealers, saab service depts and wreckers in your mobile phone directory.


  8. you know when you’re addicted when you count every saab on the road while taking your wife to work, only saw 7 this morning on the six mile round trip. how many will i see when ipick her up again?

  9. Quote: “You know you’re too addicted to Saabs when you fly 1,000+ kms to buy even an inexpensive one, drive it 1,100 kms home ”

    Been there, done that. I´m addicted..
    Agreed Richo. 😉

  10. You know you’re too addicted to Saabs when you fly 1,000+ kms to buy a “one owner” Saab 99 from Sydney, sight unseen, for $350. You take your ageing father along to share “a relaxing drive home”.
    Upon arrival you discover it to be an absolute rust-bucket sitting in 5 feet of grass in funnel-web spider territory, and it overheats 5 mins after setting off for Hobart. Your father is moaning profusely, and is sitting in the back seat because the passenger seat’s frame has collapsed. The wipers don’t work when a thunderstorm hits, and the McDonalds you stop to eat at has lost power. You drive on and eventually find a roadside caravan park with only one van with a single mattress available. You can’t lock the car because the locks have rusted away, and the window glass falls down every time you lock the door. Eventually you end up in Melbourne, catch a ferry across to Tassie, and spend a sleep-depriving night of regretting eating tea, barfing and wondering if you’ll ever see land again. You eventually arrive at home and declare the whole thing a wasted exercise, whereupon you sell the said car to a fellow Saab club member. Been there, done that.


  11. No, hold on, there’s more!

    …you evetually arrive at home and declare the whole thing a wasted exercise.

    THEN, you drive the car 200km back north and leave it sitting at a rental property for nearly 12 months while you figure out what to dow with it. You take parts off to repair someone else’s car, and strip out the interior to inspect the amount of rust, some of which has been repaired with spak filler and polystyrene.

    THEN you sell the car to a fellow club member, who lives 200km back down the road. You get the car running again and pile all the stripped out interior parts in the back. You set off for Hobart when the sun goes down, to avoid being picked up by the cops for driving a car with no rego. You get 5kms down the road before there’s a large WHOOOOOSH, which is actually the air intake pipe blowing off. In the dark you attempt to screw it back on, and curse that the torch batteries went flat after 17 seconds. You phone a work colleague to get a tow, and half an hour later you’re back at home screwing the air intake pipe back on. You then set off again and get 50ks before the same thing happens, and the car grinds to a hault. You push the car 200m into a playground with a fluorescent light because you thought you wouldn’t be needing that torch after the first attempt earlier in the evening, and eventually you get the pipe back on. You then get 5kms before the pipe blows off again, and you’re forced to struggle on at 30km/hr with the hazards lights going, hoping to God that the cops won’t stop to offer assistance. You eventually arrive at the next town to find only a pizza shop operating, and the chef doesn’t have a torch. You screw the pipe back on in the dark, then set off with only 150-odd km’s to go. The pipe blows off another five times dfown the road, and in the end you ring the bloke you’re selling it to and ask if he can come up the road to provide “technical assistance”, and to provide an escort home. You eventually sight the person going past the other way, and when they eventually realise and make a u-turn they run off into a ditch. You struggle on, getting out every 5kms to reattach the air intake pipe that just won’t stay on, and eventually throw the flat torch into bushes in an act of sheer desperation. Eventually you get to your destination at 1am, whereupon you collect another car to drive the 200kms back home. You get home at 3:30am after snacking on a microwaveable roast roll, and fall into bed at 4:30am. Been there done that.


  12. You know you are addicted when you buy not one but three 99 turbos. The first you triple the value of just by giving it a good wash and clean. The second is nice. The third is a rusty part of a package deal involving the second, and some other hack.

  13. You know you’re addicted when you find yourself constantly looking for older — rather than newer — cars … and you read all the horror stories that are posted above and can’t stop grinning, because you know your turn is coming.


  14. You know you’re addicted to Saabs when your wife refers to herself as a Saab widow (Saab blog widow also applicable).

    You know you’re addicted when you’re alone and still you exclaim to yourself out loud, “look- a SAAB!!” whenever you pass one.

    You know you’re addicted when you shudder and/or seethe with bitter resentment whenever you hear the name “Kirk Kerkorian.” Or see an Ovlov. Either way.

    You know you’re addicted when you think about taking pictures every time you park your Saab next to somebody else’s Saab. (You think, “great photo-op!”, don’t you?)

    You know you’re addicted when you wave at other Saab owners on the road. Even if it means embarrassing the other occupants of your vehicle.

    And you know you’re addicted to Saabs when you have bought a Saab sight unseen because “it needs a loving home” and because you simply have to have one. Or another one, as the case may be.

  15. You know that you’re addicted to Saabs when you know that even the MAJOR repairs won’t keep you from getting the car fixed, even though the cost of the repair and the time that it will take is surely as more or more than the car is worth.

    Greg’s example above is case in point.

    My transmission failure is another case in point.

    Hooked! Sucked in bad!

  16. You know that you’re addicted to Saabs when you search 6 months to buy a Saab 9-5 Aero and have to drive a Civic until you find one. They are not popular cars in my neck of the U.S. but, I found her.

    You know that you’re addicted to Saabs when you park a undriveable 9000T in the yard for 2 years just to look at it and sit in it and smell that great leather smell and reminisce about the good old dayz and talk to her and touch her and… sorry… gettin a lil carried away here.
    I do miss my baby though…

  17. I forgot to mention that 9000T cost me over $15,000 U.S. in repairs and maintenance in about a 1.5 years. Talk about high maintenance… But, she was a great ride though.

  18. You are addicted to SAABs if your first one was your mothers 1978 red 99 then you had 6 other SAABS and till few months ago you were driving 1988 turbo convertible ,then you upgrated your life to 1992 turbo convertible with 74 K miles and you are happy as hell.

  19. You know you’re too addicted to Saabs when….

    you have two perfectly good ones in the driveway and you’re still envious of all of the above.

  20. JACEK:


    My wife thinks that I’m an absolute nutcase for repeatedly saying my 1988 900 with 116k miles is a ‘low milage’ car! “Upgrading to 1992 and you’re happy as hell” — FUNNY!!

  21. I missed my timely turn to comment on this topic but here it is anyway:
    “You know how addicted you are when you are waiting for planes to take off in the middle of the US or beyond and the first Web site you are longing to access is Trolhattan Saab and read the latest news”.

  22. i drove 1800 km there (with my trade-in) and 1800 km back to pick up my SAAB, crazy huh! four years later and i still have the only imola red AERO 9-5 in eastern canada (as far as i know).

  23. You are addicted to Saab if there are only four 9-5’s in your country of which one was wrecked, leaving 3 and of which two are parked in your garage. Also, that you are the only one having a cosmic blue and red 9-5 Aero MY01. Then when mainland Europe tourists see your 9-5 Aero parked in the street, they cannot believe it. How did you get it here? Also, when a volunteer Peace Corps teacher in a rural community comes to visit you and see your 9-5 Aero and says: I love this cars. In Wales I could not afford one, but she knew exactly where to open the boot, the window controls and she relished that turbo whoosh factor and her name was Isseult! Am I not blessed? You are addicted to Saab when you have to drive 2,000km one way to have ’em serviced and that Jeremy Clarkson grin on your face when you purr her back home along winding country roads, allow her to idle at every service station to get the turbo spooling to the amazement of service station personnel.

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