2008 Saab 9-3 quick review

I’ve never heard of a place called Waxahachie and I could make an educated guess that it’s not on SaabUSA’s list of Saab hotspots. But maybe it will be.

The Waxahachie Daily Light is featuring a review of the 2008 Saab 9-3. If my own gushing about the improvements made to this car haven’t been enough to convince you to at least check it out, then maybe the writings of a non-Saab guy might convince you to get down and have a look.

Neal White, our host for this test drive, states in no uncertain terms that that’s exactly what you should do.

While every week I recommend vehicles to add to the list for consideration for those in the market for that particular type of car, crossover, SUV or truck, the 2008 Saab 9-3 is a vehicle I strongly urge everyone to visit the nearest Saab dealership and take a test drive.

Go now.

Don’t wait.

We can talk about the bi-xenon cornering headlights, Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound audio system, its passive rear-wheel steer suspension and advanced electronic stability program later.

You’ll thank me next week.

I don’t know how familiar Neal was with Saabs prior to this one-week review, but it seems he got the bug that many a Saabisti gets when they drive one for the first time:

And while I noticed — and also appreciated — the extra horsepower under the hood, I’m absolutely smitten with how well the new Saab 9-3 performs on the road.

Without question, this is one of those vehicles you look forward to driving. I take that back. It’s one of those vehicles that you look for reasons to go somewhere just for the chance to get behind the wheel.

Does that sound familiar? I still look for reasons to just go for a drive. Need milk? I know a shop about 15 miles away…..

It’s a fairly short writeup, but I think you’ve got the idea that Neal liked the car. Click on through to find out why.

In the meantime, I’m going to find Waxahachie on a map…….(done, it’s directly south of Dallas, TX in Lone Star Saab Club territory.)

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  1. Nice one.

    I would go drive one… now, if only they were in Oz dealerships. I’m sure as soon as they arrive, my local dealer will be in touch inviting me to do just that.

  2. The Aussie launch is about 5 weeks or so away, Turbin. I’m hoping to attend, but not definite yet. I’d imagine they’ll be in dealers very shortly thereafter.

  3. I sent an email to Neal at the Waxahachie Daily Light letting him know we appreciated the great review, and that we would welcome him as a member of the Lone Star Saab Club. I also encouraged him to add one to his garage…

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