900 love – more of Alex’s blue beast

I kicked off the month of 900 loving with the story of Alex’s rebuilt C900. It seems appropriate to end the month 900 loving with it as well, but it’s not ending yet and I’m not patient enough to hold the photos back.

Alex shot ones through to me earlier this week. He’d just got back from a meeting of the Saab Turbo Club of Norway on the weekend and was feeling pretty happy having taken the trophy for best 99/900. The club rented a track for the weekend and much fun and photography was there to be had.

If you click through at the link above, you’ll read how this monster started life as a white 8 valve runaround. Alex has put a bucketload of time and coin into this car and the results are fantastic.

This is what being an enthusiast is about – not the mods, but pride of ownership. Great stuff, Alex, and thanks for the new pics.

Saab 900

Saab 900

Saab 900

Saab 900

Saab 900

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  1. Last 3 make me think “Ghost of Saabs past, cruising highways eternal.” Stupid, I know. But if there is life hereafter, I would like to be made the driver of that ghost.

  2. Fantastic work Alex! Probably something along the lines most of us would donate various unnecessary organs for. I’ve never been a fan of graphics on any car, but the Griffon adds a nicely subtle but aggressive character touch to a well thought out finished project.

  3. I love Saabs partly because of their understated yet awesome designs, and this car is about as overstated as it can get…but God damn I’d give my middle nut for it.

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