900 loving – 1985 Accessories

1985Gripen is going crazy over at Flickr and uploading everything to his new account there.

The latest thing is a scan he did of the 1985 Saab Accessories catalogue. As he points out in his intro, this seems to cover the Saab 900 only. The 9000 was available in the US as well that year, but maybe it had a catalogue of it’s own?

Here’s a few clickable samples, but hit the link above to check out the rest. it’s well worth your time as there’s some really entertaining stuff there.

Saab Accessories

Saab Accessories

Saab Accessories

Saab Accessories

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  1. “TRUMPET HORNS. Tuned triple air horns that add class to your arrival and importance to your warning”

    LOL! Who writes this stuff? Is there anyone out there who when s/he arrives lays-into the horn to let people know they’ve arrived? I should have tried that at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown last week.

    “But Mr. Shannon, I just wanted to see if the new SAABs came standard with tuned triple air horns!”

  2. My first 900 had such a distinctive horn sound that, when it died, I saved the horn before taking it to the junkyard. It eventually was attached to our 900 Turbo in addition to the horn it already had making an exceptionally distinctive sound when we wanted to make a statement, entrance, or what-have-you.

  3. Can someone on the US side of the ditch locate a set of Shelbys for the man? Postage is no hassle at about US$140 for a set.

  4. There was a set of NOS Shelbys for pre-facelift 900 (and 99) cars and they wanted around US$1200 for them. Crazy. But they were never used, pretty rare, I guess.

    My 1986 900S had the hood strip on it. Sexy.

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