900 Loving: Special Editions

I’ve written about Paul’s excellent, comprehensive Saab 900 site once before. At that point, I’d done around 360 or so articles on this site, and the Classic 900 Special Editions website had about 30 different special edition 900s listed.

I’ve now done around 3,000 articles here, and the Special editions site has grown just as much. it now has over 40 Special Editions, a brace of limited editions, a list of prototypes, registers, body kits and heaps, heaps more – just about anything else you might want to know about the Saab 900.

900 Carlsson

My favourite is still the 900 Carlsson, in black. I can’t imagine a more classic 900 kit (though the GT Aero from France comes a very close second). But there’s a heck of a lot there to choose from, though. It makes you wonder about the various special editions of newer cars that pop up now and then. We don’t make a big fuss over them, but chances are that one day I’ll be reviewing a Saab 9-3 Special Editions website one day.

On that topic, it’s important to note that Paul’s site has several registers listed, too. It’d be great to know how many of these rare machines are still around.

Paul, thanks for maintaining such a great 900 resource and curiosity page. it’s an absolute credit!

Click here to visit the Saab 900 Special Editions website

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  1. Cor! Thanks, mate!

    I have been very slack with the site for the last year, or so, due to other commitments. I do hope to re-launch with a new interface (more like a ‘blog, if anything) and software that makes it a lot easier to post (and perhaps have assistant authors). Watch this space … but don’t hold your breath 🙂

    In the meantime, I do try to make little updates and and when they arise.

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