99 Rally car for sale: if only….

If only I had the money.

If only I lived somewhere nearby.

If only I had mechanical skills and a spare engine.

If only I had a genuine need for it.

I wrote a few days ago about taking care of older Saabs, though this isn’t what I had in mind. It’s an early model Saab 99 body that’s all prepped and ready for an engine and gearbox installation to get it flying. At $3,500 – is it overpriced? Only someone experienced in prepping a rally car could tell. And that ain’t me.

Not too keen on the fibreglass hood, but I guess it could be painted.

Saab 99 rally car

Saab 99 rally

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  1. Looking again, I’d say it’s an early rubber bumpered car judging by the position of the signal lights. Still a waste of a car, though.

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