A Saaby birthday

I’ve featured hardcore model collectors, car collectors, book collectors. This is a hardcore entry with a difference.

Saab 900 road tripI met Bill P on my drive back from Sydney when I collected my 900 Aero. He was on his way north to Canberra with Mrs P and we all hooked up for lunch in Gundagai. It was there that they told me about a 71st birthday party they’d recently had.

You might look at that photo and think “geez, Bill’s looking good for a 71 year old”. Well, it’s not quite the case. It was Bill’s 50th birthday and his daughter’s 21st. They combined the occasion for a huge 71st birthday celebration.

If I recall correctly, Bill’s got around 5 or 6 Saabs hanging around the house, in various states of operation. His main driver is a 9-5 SportCombi and the birthday girl, his daughter Camilla, drives a 900.

The family come from a small town called Holbrook and the whole town was there – looking at Saab posters that decorated the walls and a Saab birthday cake!!!

Bill’s kids, with Aero-X poster in the background:

Saab birthday

And the 71st birthday cake for Bill (50) and his daughter Camilla (21) – both Saab owners.

Saab birthday

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  1. And what’s more, I think it’s the rarer two-door “notchback” version, judging by the rear window and placement of the rear spoiler.

    One would have thought that being a Saab, the safety cell would resist the knife cut a little more than appears to have been the case….

  2. Thanks Swade, and if you were 2 weeks earlier you could have joined us and had some of that cake . The cake was supposed to be a 5 door hatch.Speaking of rareI’d like to add a 96 to my fleet. I think I may need marriage counciling if I do that.
    The photo of the kids , I may be bias but I think we may have a couple of future Saab ambassadors

  3. Camilla would like to add – Dad you are such a liar – You only have 5 Saabs this ones mine – remember all those sheep I drenched!?

    I learnt to drive in a 99, progressed to a 9000 on my L’s and when I got my P’s, got my 5 door hatch. The next ones a convertible!

    Alot my my uni friends had never seen a saab before, one girl has a new focus and she recons that my saab is better and it has comfier seats.

    As a TV Prodcution student I have always thought, its a cool story the saab story and maybe theres a movie in it, from jets to GM, or war to war, from WW2 to the war of Globalisation! Whats wrong with these poxy commodore people can’t they think for themselves, they are ripping off the saab! The day they stole the cup holder from the 95, I got worried! Now look at the new Holdens! I think it’s sad. Saabs are so unique and individual and GM are changing that and branding it as a Holden.
    Don’t even get me started on Fords!

    By the way, saab should cut Dad a cheque for the the motors hes sold for them. One family he brainwashed into buying 2 x 900 and another a 95. What can I say… Welcome to our side!!!

    Happy Saabing Folks.

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