ANA Trollhattan – Sold!

ANA Trollhattan

No, it’s not Robin’s car that’s sold. It’s the dealership in the background.

It was mentioned while we were in Sweden in June that ANA had been up for sale since around April.

The local newspaper in Trollhattan, TTELA, is reporting today that ANA has indeed now been sold. It’s been sold to a group called OK – described to me as “one of those lousy co-operative groups that were common in Sweden for decades.”


OK also own a number of service stations in partnership with Kuwait Petroleum, the servos being called OKQ8. Apparently they’re going to retain the ANA name on the dealership.


ANA is a huge dealership on the outskirts of Trollhattan’s central area, one of the busiest Saab dealerships in the world and the biggest Saab Unlimited dealership.

ANA was a venue for many sessions of the Saab Festival, so we all got pretty familiar with the place. They have a few fuel pumps on site, and we saw more than one 2008 Saab filling up there in the few days before the actual unveiling.


Thanks a lot to ctm for passing on the news.

Saab ANA

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  1. OK (Oil Kommunists) they are much better than the old slang name. They run the best gasstations in Sweden. They sell not only gas and hotdogs just like all other gasstations. The actually have spareparts and tools. For example I was working in the garare on very late night suddenly I needed a butaneburner to let some bolts loose. Went to OK and bought a burner at 3 AM….

  2. I actually had to buy shoes at the last minute outside of Stockholm for a soccer match and OK had them en-route.

    More of a convenience store than anything else.

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