Another 2008 9-3 heading home

I’ve just received another note about a 2008 Saab 9-3 arriving at a dealership and being ready to pick up. This 1.8 BioPower model is going to live with Bjorn, from Norway.

And isn’t Titan Grey looking a treat!!

Unfortunately there was a slight mix up at the factory and Bjorn’s optional foglamps were missing when the car arrived, but the dealer’s working on it and things should be sorted out over the weekend. Bjorn managed to click off these photos before taking off in his SportCombi loaner vehicle….

I really am loving that Titan Grey. I hadn’t seen one in this color. That would have to be a contender with Snow Silver, methinks.

Saab 9-3 2008

Saab 9-3 2008

2008 Saab 9-3

Saab 9-3 2008

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  1. Titan Grey looks like a great color! One thing I wasn’t crazy about with the ’08 was the lighter colors made the 9-3 look “plain” (for lack of a better term). This looks like a big improvement.

    Also, is that a gray interior I see? I thought they got rid of that in favor of black.

  2. Great car, great colour and great pics Bjorn! Are the wheels 17″? They’re not a style I’ve seen a lot of in the marketing pics to date. I was also reading in the US specs that the windows are factory tinted. I’m interested to hera from those who’ve seen the 08’s ‘in the metal’ just how dark this tinting is? Any news on when the first cars wil be arriving in dealershios in Aus??

  3. scug,

    I tested a new MY 2008 9-3 Aero SS this week. It is a very light tinting. I think it is mostly a anti-UV tint – you can’t really tell it is dark.

  4. Those wheels are optional on the 2.0t’s, and apparently on the 1.8t’s also. If I could get a 2008, those would DEFINITELY be the wheels I’d want on it. I LOVE 5-spoke wheels.

    I like the Titan Gray a lot better than the Snow Silver, but then, I’m not a huge fan of light colors in general.

  5. The wheels are great. There are other optional 5 spoke wheels (refer build-your-own saab on the international site). They are called AL45’s and they are a little less chunky and (I think) even better. I’ve ordered an MY08 in ‘sport’ trim in Australia (before any specs are announced) and these are the wheels I’m hoping for! Great, now all you guys have me questioning my Snow Silver choice!!

  6. Correction, ALU45! On that topic, when are car makers (including Saab) going to realise that anything less than 17″ wheels standard on vehicles these days is ridiculous! If I had the chance/$, I’d definitely be looking hard at the 18″ options (or Hirsch 19’s!!) Surley the cost of providing larger wheels as standard would be negligible at manufacture, and ensures that ALL cars look fantastic which is great passive marketing. A case in point is the Peugot 407 which came standard with 17″ wheels across all variants.

  7. scug, no worries about the snow silver. It looks brilliant in person. No need to question your choise. Titan grey is neat colour, no doubt. Actually, in my opinion, every colour has it´s own charm. And that´s much dependand of light and so on. I´ve seen snow silver driving around in the daylight and it´s just cool. From some angles it looks like pearl white (a´la 900 Aero ´84) and less light makes it look very metallic from some angles. Go´n take a look at Aero X pictures – google search for Aero-X pictures for example.

    But, if you see too many cars of that colour at the same time, then it starts to look lifeless.

    And remember, lighter colours always gives you the impression of a larger size… 😉

  8. I also think Titan Grey is really nice (I have a Steel Grey 9-3 myself. If I would buy a new Saab now, my choice would be between Black and Titan Grey.

  9. MarkoA, I am with you on that one!

    Bjorn’s new baby sure looks nice in that Titan grey though as it reminds me of the Edwardian Grey that the 900 T16 used to have. Nice choice Bjorn! 🙂

  10. Having taken MarkoA’s advice and had another look at the Aero-X pics, I’m somewhat unsure of exactly what the Snow Silver will look like when it arrives? In some (most) pics, it looks almost white. In others, it looks very silver! In most of the non-studio pics I’ve seen of the ’08’s in SS, it looks no different to the ‘silvers’ offered by virtually every maker? The fact that so many people are making such a fuss over the colour, I can only assume/hope that the pics don’t do it justice & when it arrives the differences will become obvious!

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