AutoNews do a Saab timeline of their own

OK, enough of the happy wedding stuff….

I saw this on my feedreader earlier but I’m not a paid subscriber to Automotive News.

Thankfully, EduSaab is and he’s posted the article in comments. Earlier today I put together my own Saab Future Model Timeline based on Djup Strupe intel so the timing of this piece is quite fortuitous.

Automotive News are writing up the Saab model timeline as follows:

Saab’s plans for 2007 to 2010:

9-3: The 2008 9-3 is reskinned, adopting fascia, grille and surfacing themes first seen on the Aero X concept. This model also marks the return of Saab’s clamshell hood design, first seen on the 1967 Saab 99.

The 9-3 will be re-engineered and restyled for 2010, developed on General Motors’ front-drive Epsilon 2 vehicle architecture. Engineering and production will take place in Russelsheim, Germany, not Sweden.

9-5: The sedan and wagon will be redesigned, switching to the larger version Epsilon 2 architecture for 2009.

9-4X: Saab is developing a small crossover using a mix of the re-engineered Theta and Epsilon 2 architectures. The vehicle will debut in 2009.

Mid-sized crossover: GM tried to boost Saab sales by giving it the 9-7X, a mid-sized SUV based on the Chevrolet TrailBlazer, and the 9-2X, based on the Subaru Impreza. Both failed. But GM thinks a new crossover designed from the start as a Saab will help make the brand profitable. The vehicle is likely to join the lineup in 2009 or 2010.

9-7X: The 9-7X uses GM’s GMT360 SUV architecture, which shares a platform with the TrailBlazer and GMC Envoy. Both of those vehicles will be phased out; the 9-7X could be dropped next year

The 9-3 for 2010 is very encouraging. The 2008 facelift is brilliant but by then the car will be seven years old and whilst I’m sure it’ll still be a brilliant vehicle, the modern motoring world moves at a pace where 7 years is two or three too long.

The other interesting thing is that they mention the 9-4x and a mid-sized crossover as if they’re different vehicles. That would add an entirely new vehicle into the mix that no-one’s heard about so far. Makes me think they’ve got their wires crossed somewhere, unless there’s a second SUV planned, bigger than the 9-4x.

There were plans for a Tribeca-based 9-6x some time ago, but these were shelved when GM dumped their share of Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries.

Nope, wires crossed if you ask me.


Saab9X will be hoping for some hatch news amongst all this.

Automotive News’ coverage also includes some thoughts from Steve Shannon about the end-of-the-tunnel smaller Saab:

“It might be the most dramatically styled,” Steve Shannon, Saab’s general manager in the United States, said at a press event here. “The idea is to have an iconic shape. It wouldn’t be a toy.

“This is not a two-seat exotic roadster. It would have a level of functionality. It could be a hatchback. We don’t know yet.”


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  1. I keep thinking about those comments that Swade has been hearing (in relation to the next-gen 9³ convertible, I believe) about some revolutionary new car configuration that isn’t a traditional convertible but nothing we’ve ever seen before.

    Steve Shannon’s comments seem to allude to something like that. I can’t help but keep thinking of the revolutionary configuration of the .

    Though that would be pretty remarkable if they come out with a car based on a concept more than a decade after it hit the auto show circuit. They’d have to change the styling to reflect Anthony Lo’s Aero-X styling rather than Michael Mauer’s though also.

    Shoot maybe this is what they’ve been keeping the SVC and SCC systems close to their chest for! 🙂

    I also reflect back to around January of this year when someone asked Bob Lutz what he thinks a SAAB is. Lutz then proceeded to draw on a cocktail napkin a silhouette of the C900 hatchback roofline.

    Obviously the shape of the 9ˣ is incompatible with the hatchback shape of the C900, but perhaps these are hints of things to come.

  2. Perhaps the article was hinting at a large crossover based on the Saturn Outlook/GMC Acadia? Regardless of high gas prices, Americans still want to drive large vehicles for hauling their families and toys.

  3. What about the “cross country” version of the upcoming 9-3 SportCombi XWD that was(?) confirmed by Saab staff …… is that “the” 9-4X ?

    Or is the 9-4X the new model that will be produced in Mexico alongside its stablematet the Cadillac BRX ?

    I suspect this “larger” midsized CUV could well be based on the 2009 9-5 but of course equipped with XWD, rather than being based on a completely new and independent architecture.

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