Canadian Drivers Ed coming up

I can’t imagine that those close enough to attend wouldn’t have heard about this by now, but just in case…..

Dip 9-5The Saab Owners Club of Canada Inc is running an Enhanced Driving School next month, on the 5th October at Shannonville Motorsport Park near Belleville, Ontario.

Photo: DIP

The event goes for one day. It’s uncertificated, so you don’t come out with a piece of paper at the end that’ll let you give Lewis Hamilton the elbow, but you will learn from qualified instructors and most of all, have a bit of fun as well.

Despite my recent setbacks, I’d encourage anyone nearby to consider tegging along for this event, and if you’re not nearby then consider a similar event in your area. Anything you can do to better your driving is a good thing and you’ll have a ball while you’re learning.

Just stay on the track, OK?

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  1. In fact, it’s less than an hour from the US border at Kingston, and it’s open to US drivers too. In fact, these events often bring instructors from across the border.

  2. For those on the other side of Michigan, or further west, take your SAAB to Gingerman Raceway in South Haven and let CGI Motorosports show you the ropes on the track.

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