Classic car show in Sweden

I know there’s some people who have seen the Turbo X and pondered the question about whether or not it’s a classic Saab. I think it’s an important philosophical question (as far as philosophical questions about Saabs go, I mean, we’re not aiming at world peace here) and I think there’s room for that in a future post.

But for today, and in order to satisfy the collective classic jones that some are suffering right now, we have this set of photos as provided by Robert N, in Sweden. There was a classic car show last weekend, in Baldersnäs, which I’m told is around 100km from Trollhattan. Whilst Mats K tells me he had to put the heating on over the weekend in Trollhattan itself, the weather in Baldersnäs looked OK, which made for some great photos of some great cars.

Saabs included, naturally!

I’ve reproduced a few here, but you should head on over to Robert’s Flickr set to check out the full bowl of fruit. Thanks Robert!!

Saab 96

Saab Sonett

Classic Saabs

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  1. Not much chatter here.

    I guess people are more inspired by Swedish Opel’s than an old bull nose.

    If SAAB could build a 2000-2500lbs car with a small 120-150hp motor that looked something like an old 93 or 96 and called it a 9-1 I’d buy two before I’d buy a Turbo-X.

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