Cochespias try for a new 9-5

I’m not sure what the focus of the Cochespias forum is. I’m no linguist, but I think it’s in Spanish, but as Shakespeare once wrote – It’s all Greek to me.

Whatever the focus of Cochespias, they’ve got a few members that have played around in photoshop to produce their visions of a possible new Saab 9-5. It was a 9-5 design competition and the link below will take you through to see the winners. There’s a bunch of sketches and CGI’s there, all of which make for interesting viewing.

I really can’t wait until the new 9-5 comes out. I was reading the brochure for the 2008 Saab 9-5 today and it really whet my appetite to get into a current model and take it for a spin. People may well complain about it’s age, but evolution can sometimes be better than revolution.

Regardless, the thought that a new one is coming that will be better than the outgoing model is cause for some excitement. From the people who have seen the initial images, the upcoming model really is something to get excited about.

Until then, enjoy the Saab 9-5 enthusiast images at Cochespias.

Saab 9-5

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  1. If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s Portuguese. But I really have no idea, it just looks Portuguese to me :p

    I like the red model there, but it looks like the front quarter is from a different car or something, because the color is completely different. I wonder why they did that. If they were trying to show shadows they kinda goofed.

  2. I agree on the 9-5. It’s not as “pretty” as the 9-3 and looks aged (despite the Dame Edna front end), especially from the front fenders back. I prefer the Combi, but the rear on that looks REALLY dated. Still, a 9-5 Aero Combi that’s been Hirshed-out is my current dream SAAB.

    With the 9-5 you know they’ve worked out any kinks by now so its evolution likely means it’d probably be the most reliable SAAB model. I like how you put that, “evolution is sometimes better than revolution”. You know how they say never to buy a car in its first year or two of manufacture? I think one would be safe buying a 9-5, which is currently going into its 10th year of manufacture, I think!

    Besides, you can’t get the ventilated seats or the double sun visor in any other SAAB! That enough makes me desire it.

  3. they all look Lexus-y to me, with the exception of the one Swade posted.

    in which case, holy crap that looks amazing. as a daily p’shop user, my hat goes off to the artist. very well done.

    though it might have a little trouble over speed bumps with a wheelbase longer than most interstate highways. πŸ˜‰

  4. Most members on that forum are in Spain so it seems safe to say it’s Spanish. The current 9-5 is a great car but that photoshopped image is sooo nice.

  5. If the above picture could possibly be what the next 9-5 would actually look like, I’d say that Saab would’ve hit a home run. And I’d make absolutely sure to be first in line at the dealer…

  6. It’s Coche Espias in Spanish which is Car Spy. That I understand. But the picture looks more like a cross between a stretched Mazda RX8 front and a Chrysler 300 C, have a look at the wheels which is a major concern. Another concern too is the Subaru Impreza/WRX in the background.

  7. You might arrange a contest to find the original image that the photoshops are based on.
    (Remember the 9-5/Phaeton PS.)

    The one Swade posted is (I think) based on some GM concept car (other than Aero-X, don’t remember which, though) and the top one on the website could be based on the new Jaguar.

    What’s your guess ?

  8. The pic Swade posted does somehow remind of a Quattroporte, and I recall a mention the new 9-5 will do have some resemblance to the Maserati.

    But I also like the very first CGI over at Coche Spias.

  9. Slightly off-topic here but the BLS sold 218 last year and only 45 this year so far. How much are they expecting to sell in the convertible? 10 a year?

  10. Well i can tell you that the only few things that are representative of the new 9-5 is the windhield “wrap around” design, the grille, and the height of the doors. One element which is in the drawing in regards to the lights and the aquablue appearance is not far off. As for the front wheel arches, and back end design are not what the vehicle looks like AT ALL. While they are great drawings it really does not relate to the vehicle. As for the mention of the Quattroporte however, that at least to me is a fair likeness. Think more organic lines,simple surfaces,and a really kickass interior.Think AeroX………..

  11. Yes its a Spanish website related to everything about to spyshots of cars, like Autospies website.

    I am registered to there. Here in Spain, usually in the South, there is a place where all the brands tests its cars, for the variability of the temperatures, the hills with difference of climates and so. In the same place you can see a lot of test cars.


  12. patric95
    those comments I keep reading like yours about a ‘kickass interior’ are so promising.
    I have been a critic of boring interiors for years and can’t believe how few manufacturers try to make them unique.
    When you say ‘think AeroX’, that sounds awesome!

  13. denvernewbie: did you see that Top Gear episode (here and here)(or read the article in the September issue of Top Gear magazine) where Jeremy Clarkson decided car interiors are too impersonal so he modified the interior of a Mercedes to resemble a cottage? It was pretty stupid, but funny.

  14. 1985 Gripen, that was a great Top Gear espisode especially when they added the wood burning stove. Quite frankly Id had broken up this “new 9-5” and used it for fuel for said word burning stove had it been in the vicinity. It makes the current one look positively beautiful!

  15. denvernewbie: the interior of the new 9-5 compared to the current 9-5 is night and day difference. The exterior transformation is tame compared to the interior that is coming. Dont get me wrong the exterior is sweet but the interior takes Saab’s to a new level. No more GM parts bin interiors…unless there shopping at Bang & Olufsen.

  16. denvernewbie, yeah it will be a while as the 94x and of course all the 9-3 variants will be introduced first. Im sure Clarkson will still have criticisms even on the interior of the new 9-5. Saab is supposed to show a “concept” 9-4x at the detroit auto show in january which when u see that interior…it could be a harbinger of things to come…hmmm

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