DIP’s DIY: now with RSS

If that headline doesn’t make any sense to you, try this…..

Dmitry (in comments as ‘Dip’) is a guy i’ve featured here a few times before. He’s a Russian living in Canada and has had plenty of DIY experience. I covered his 900 Convertible restoration on the website (and the crash, too).

I’ve also linked to his DIY website before, too – and there’s HEAPS of info there with step-by-steps and photos as well. It’s an enourmous resource and if Dip’s worked on a car that’s similar to your own then hopefully you’ve bookmarked his site for your own reference.

The reason I’m writing about this again now is that Dip has implemented an RSS feed for his site, so you can stay up to speed with all the new articles that he puts up there. If you’re unfamiliar with RSS, it’s a service that uses a feed reader (I’m now using Google Reader) to get a feed from a website. When you login to your reader, all the latest info is there and ready for you to look over.

The URL for the feed is http://photo.platonoff.com/Auto/rss.jsp but if you just point your feed reader at the site it should hopefully pick it up.

If you’ve got a 9-5 then this may be of particular interest. Dip’s recently picked up a 9-5 as a project car to replace the 900 convertible, so there’ll be 9-5 stories galore in the months ahead, I’m sure.


There’s an RSS feed for Trollhattan Saab, too. I’ve put a couple of buttons in the left sidebar and if you use one of those readers, the button should hook you up with the feed from this site.

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  1. I’ve often wondered — if RSS is truly ‘Real Simple Syndication’, why didn’t they call it something simple? šŸ™„

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