End of month reporting

August has finished – it’s the beginning of Spring here in Australia!!

That means Saab will be reporting sales figures through this week in most countries. It also means it’s time for my monthly account of how things are going here.

Earlier in August I documented the troubles I was having with the changed platform here at Trollhattan Saab and with a full month on the new system under my belt I can confirm that things are indeed way down. The system works better and provides a better user experience, but my listings with Google have gone down the crapper and we’re seeing a lot less search traffic as a result. That situation will improve over time and I’m working on the site index constantly to remove dead URL’s from Google’s index, but it’s going to take some time yet.

So here’s the chart for August. Down, but stlll respectable.

Site stats August 08

That graph represents an average of 5,705 pages served per day to around 3,500 people per day. I think it might be a little under what’s actually happening – I’m not sure if I installed the statcounting code into the archives.

One of my goals is to get that picture back up to representing 10,000 page views per day, like it was in June this year. That’ll mean that the word is really getting out there and that Saab is being seen by those looking for a non-corporate view of these magnificent cars.

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  1. yeah, there was time after the platform change when i couldn’t get here on my iphone. i decided to try again about a week ago and it’s been working since. things should get better.

  2. Is that a gratuitous iPhone reference I see before me?


    Glad it’s working well. I’m not sure I did anything to help with that, but am glad anyway.

    How do you see the pictures on that tiny little screen?

  3. FWIW – I also get errors loading this site from the iPhone if I’m on Edge – it says server not found. I have no trouble when connected through WiFi though.

    As for the pics – when I touch a picture the screen goes grey and nothing else happens. Still no Flash support on the iPhone browser so I can’t even tell what time it is in Tasmania either, and http://www.saabusa.com shows nothing except a message that I need to download flash.

  4. I don’t know if this is a reason, but I often have problem loading the page after the re-make. Something take forever to load, and I just haver to give up and check back later. I’m on 100MB LAN connection both at home and at work through one of the faster networks in the world; I also have fast computers, so the issue should not be on my side. I don’t know if anyone else having this trouble? If a site have problem showing a page, I can understand that the search engines downgrade it.

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