Euro Delivery – an update

I posted a story earlier today about some doubts that were expressed over the future of the European Delivery Program that’s enjoyed by hundreds of US Saab buyers each year.

There were some worries that this program may not continue into the future. I emailed Saab USA about it and have just received the following response:

Hi Steven – No need to worry, Saab European Delivery is well and alive here in the US of A.

What I do know is that we are migrating this operation into a new, companywide electronic ordering system. This may have caused some hickups, for which we obviously apologize.

I will let you know when we have more details.

So it looks like things are going ahead. Hopefully this change to a new company wide system won’t pose any issues for clients, as it’s a great attraction for prospective buyers.

Webmaster of, Wulf, took European delivery last year and you can read his story here.

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  1. This is good news! Now these questions come to mind:

    – When will 2008 models be available to order through European Delivery (9-3 specifically)?
    – Any advice on a better time of year to take a leisurely drive in a new Saab through Sweden? (well – leisurely in the sense of not being in a rush to get to the end of the drive 🙂 )

    At this point, I’m thinking of waiting until the mid-year changes arrive and planning for an April-May delivery.

  2. I can see it now – you order a new MY08 9-3 and it comes with 9-5 headlights! oops…computer glitch! 🙂

    The best time to go is in the summer and that’s when the plan closes. That’s the only negative aspect of the program.

    When I was there I had to take photos of the new 9-3 behind chicken fence like I was a spy or something….my wife thought I was nutz.

  3. As far as I know, you can pick up your car in summer when the factory is closed. You’ll just have to make sure to order in time so it can be manufactured before the factory closes and they will hold the car at the Saab dealer ANA in Trollhattan. One thing to keep in mind is that Sweden is in northern Europe meaning you have long days in summer and long periods of darkness in winter. I imagine Sweden in winter can be equally beautiful as summer.

  4. Hmm … well, they could mean exactly that, but on the other hand, what they wrote is also Corporate-speak for “The program isn’t working” (meaning not making enough money).

    So I’m definitely skeptical that the program will be back and truly enhanced, especially considering Saab’s European Delivery program already was the best for consumers.

    But I definitely hope my suspicion wrong — we’re very interested in an ’08 9-3 to pick up in Trollhattan — maybe even the try the Ice Experience. I’d be thrilled to have last year’s program back.

  5. My ice experience trip was printed in NINES a few issues back. I believe the article was tittled “a nICE experience”.

    again… keeping fingers crossed for the return of an already amazing program.

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