Exquisite Frankfurt Photos

Olaf B recently attended the Frankfurt Motor show and he took a bunch of photos, around 30 of which were from the Saab stand at the show. They’re all of excellent quality like the one below and there’s some incredible detail shots in there of the Turbo X.

A highly recommended click-through for a good bit of Sunday viewing. Thanks to Olaf for the pictures and letting me know about them.

Click here to view Olaf’s Frankfurt photo collection.

Saab Frankfurt

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  1. i was getting ready to comment on the last two photos and i see i’m already late to the party.

    overall, a fantastic set of shots, which i’ll be downloading, summarily, in reverse order.

    thx, olaf.

  2. Mr. AeRomeo,

    it’s a SaabAlfa 159, Arctic White of course.

    Very good photos. Very Saabish. Cool and understated, except the latin last two.

  3. I just got back, too. I have six photos up at http://manicotti.org/iaa07/ if anyone is interested. (Note: The uploaded photos are cropped, but not scaled. My slideshow page reads the full-sized photo, scales it to the appropriate size, then sends it. This means that the site is a bit slow because there’s lots of picture scaling going on. But it also means that you can view very detailed picts, if you want to.)

    I was struck by how much better looking the new front is over my expectations. I’ve liked the photos that we’ve all seen here, but the real thing is amazing. If, like me, you don’t like a lot of chrome, don’t worry — the “chrome” has a matte finish so it is not so much “in your face” as I expected. Further, the chrome on the Turbo X has a darker finish that I think would be a great option on the lighter-colored non-TurboX 9-3s.

  4. Ken B: you know, I’m pretty cynical and I kept reading about how the front end of the car isn’t as elongated as it looks in pictures and that the chrome doesn’t stand-out as much as it looks in pictures, and you just “have to see it in person” and I really didn’t believe it until I did see it in person. All those things are true. I’ve never seen photographs lie like the ones of the new 9³. It’s really amazing. Like SAAB has created a way to trick cameras or something. An optical illusion that only affects cameras.

    About the tinted matte chrome finish, I refer to this as “gunmetal” and I think that SAAB should offer this as an option for the trim on all of their models in lieu of the lighter matte chrome accents (particularly on the 9⁵’s almost universally-hated “Dame Edna” glasses). This would be yet another way for SAAB to stand-out design-wise and to start a trend rather than follow one.

    The only other car I’ve seen on the road with this kind of treatment is the Acura TL. It seems to have a gunmetal grille. I don’t like the TL overall, but I do like that grille treatment.

    Years ago SAAB offered (for a very short time) a gunmetal grille for both the 9³ and 9⁵ in the SAAB Accessories Catalog and also offered a matching license plate/hatch pull in the color.

    This is a nice simple, relatively inexpensive way to customize your car while keeping it looking classy rather than a “ricer” (for lack of a better term), IMHO.

  5. 1985 Gripen, I think that photographers like 3/4 views and that the 3/4’s view of the new 9-3 exaggerates the chrominess of the fog light trim because part of that trim is more visible from the front while another part is more visible from the side. (And I’m really sorry that that sentence ran on so long.)

    The Dame Edna 9-5 is why I have a 9-3 after owning two 9-5 Aeros (and a ’96 900 SET). I know that some here have DE 9-5’s, but I would not be seen in one so I’ on a 2-yr lease of a 9-3 SC. Given that the all-new 9-5 still won’t be ready when this lease expires, I’ll probably get a 9-3 Aero SportSedan in the spring (because I’m not willing to pay the ~$6K exclusivity “tax” of the Turbo X).

  6. Nice 900 T16, in my favourite colour. I assume this is the car often seen in the background of the 9-3 ‘Black Turbo’ propotional shots.


  7. OK, OK, OK, the last two ones are only for our Alfa-Fan Swade:) Just Detail Shots of the Rear-Door Mechanism…

    Turbo X:
    the Leather Interieur is fantastic, the leather is very very soft, completely black and partly stitched with a hole-pattern. The Steering Wheel is much thicker than the regular one and its a bit softer, very comfortable!
    The Chrome Parts are much darker, even the horizontal-chrome line at rear. Over All the car has a very wide stand, a bit like the green 9-3 Sportcombi-Concept 4 years ago.

    And Dame Edna 9-5 stands very far away in the last corner. Only two cars in light-blue, one of them with 16” wheels, uuh. People at Saab say we’ll see the new 9-5 in two years in Frankfurt.

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