First 2008 Saab 9-3 delivery (that I’ve heard of)

“Moose” lives in Finland and he’s the first person I’ve heard from to take delivery of a new 2008 Saab 9-3. He slipped this photo onto the Trollhattan Saab map, but I missed it due to a) there being so many photos there, and b) them all being thumbnails.

My oversight, but let’s correct it here.

I’m hoping to hear back from Moose as to how he came to acquire it. In comments he stated that it was an ‘extra’ one bought in by the Finnish importer, which he snapped up quickly. I’d like to hear a little more – you might say it’d be good to hear how well it passes ‘the Moose test’.

And yes, as you can see, it’s in Snow Silver and looks brilliant.

Congratulations, Moose!!

2008 Saab 9-3

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  1. I hope you meant “First delivery outside Sweden”. We’ve delivered alot of -08’s the last 2-3 weeks.. See them everywhere I look nowadays cruising around.

  2. It looks great, Moose!
    I can barely wait until tomorrow, when I will pick up my new 9-3SS. This is also outside Sweden, in Norway… The order was placed as far back as July 12.

  3. David, it’s the first of heard. You should have photographed your first and sent it in!!

    Good to hear they’re flying out the door.

    Bjorn – feel free to get your camera out and show us the new ride!!!

  4. Heh heh, this is giving me goosebumps. My ’08 model should be with me any week now. Re-sheduled to be delivered by W/C 15th October, but it could be sooner. I await eagerly for my mobile to ring and inform me when the car is ready :).

    Snow Silver looks yum 🙂

  5. So the full story of the car, and how I got it, eh… Here it goes:

    Sometime after they had announced the new 9-3 (=late summer) I went to the local dealer and declared that I might be interested of getting one. The dealer checked the situation and told me that they were actually getting snow silver SS within weeks. AFAIK at least in Finland, the Saab importer sends some cars automatically to dealers as a showroom pieces for the launch. This was one of those cars. They were also getting two SportCombis, so I guess they thought that they could let this one go.

    Later the dealer told me that the SS that they were supposed to get, had actually gone to a near by town’s dealer (to be showcased). After few curses I placed my order for factory delivered 9-3, and started my 8 week wait. A week after placing the order, I went back to the dealer to ask whether they had received a date from the factory when my car would go into production. To my suprise the dealer told me that night before they had received M08 SS , and it was standing at the back of the store.

    Few checks later it turned out that the car was pretty much the same kind of car that I had placed an order for. Engine, color, and interior matched 100%, but this one was slightly better equipped. I Canceled the old order, and signed up the new papers immediately. Few days after that (18.09.07) I was a happy owner of a new M08 9-3. Now 9 days and 1800km later, I’m still happy 😀

    And finally a rant to all Swedes: Damn, you guys are getting your Saabs way too cheap 🙂

  6. What I´ve read from Finnish Saabclub forum, “Moose” got his 9-3 with 1.8t 150bhp engine. Which is pretty good option here, considering that you can always upgrade it to 220bhp (stage 1 from BSR) less than 800€. It´s somewhat “bargain engine” if you like, considering that 2.0T (210bhp) would´ve cost at least 5000€ premium over the 1.8t.

    Anyway, very neat looking car. I really do like the snow silver!

  7. The MY 2008s have made it to Washington, DC (at least to the Maryland suburbs). Finally!!! I test drove the new MY 2008 SS, and it is truly AWESOME. I test drove a Snow Silver Aero that was fully loaded with every feature except Nav. Awesome engine. Perfect ride and handling. The fuel economy is down some (due to new measurement metrics in the U.S.) and now stands as 15 mpg City / 24 mpg Highway. That’s very competitive in the class.

    My order is going in!

  8. Congratulations Gryphon.

    Sedan or Combi? Color?

    An owner’s report and a couple of pics would always be welcome once the car arrives 🙂

  9. I wonder about the mileage thing – I know the test are a little different, but can people expect to see the same ACTUAL mileage as an 07?

  10. swade,

    Right now, I have a 9-3 SportCombi, but my eye has been on the Convertible for some time. So, that’s what I’m ordering. I built out my baby on the SAAB USA website: MY 2008, 9-3 Convertible Aero, Jet Black Metallic, Parchment Interior, Cold Weather Package, Touring Package, and Nav. I think this one will keep me set until I am ready to upgrade to the next 9-5. =-)

  11. joemama,

    I think it is all due to the testing. The MY 2008s should have the same real-life gas mileage as the MY 2007s or the MY 2006s for that matter.

  12. 2008 fuel economy has improved a little for all the engines. According EU duty cycle test (not made by the manyfacturer) all versions are now improved and actually they did already for 2007. I guess it´s just some software tuning.

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