Frankfurt Motor Show – count us in!

Once again we’ve been able to spread the Saab media loving around…..

I’m pleased to announce that Trollhattan Saab has been granted accreditation to attend the various media events at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

This means that a TS-reporter will be on the ground and amongst the first people in the world to get a look at the Black Turbo – the Saab Turbo X.

Our man on the scene will be TS commenter and TS T-shirt model, Rayman. He lives in Germany, has some media background already and was happy to step up to the task of staying in GM-supplied accommodation, eating their food and looking at their glorious new black Turbo before the rest of us. I’m sure that’ll be a taxing job.

The schedule will be coming through soon, but I’m sure there’s going to be plenty to look forward to.

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  1. Does Rayman take requests? I know this is a SAAB ‘blog and the news will be SAAB-related, but if he has a chance could Rayman please report on SAAB’s GM Premium siblings Cadillac’s and HUMMER’s presence at the show just for giggles?

    Also, it’s very distantly related (I could play “six degrees of separation and link the two) but could he report on Opel, especially in regard to their expected debut of the turbodiesel hybrid E-Flex car?

    I love green cars (with some exceptions) and I’m sure Frankfurt will be full of them! Thanks in advance for the consideration.

  2. I will! For my father runs a car import-company I cannot help but have a look at what GM is going to offer besides the Turbo X! There will be a special unveiling of a new Opel Concept Car right at the beginning and I guess it will be green 😉 It will be interesting to see what others think of the new 9³ for german heavyweights will try to steel the show with the arrival of the latest incarnation of the Audi A4 or even the Bimmer 1 Coupe [by the way with power way beyond 300HP] … may be I should remind the people of the horrible crash-test ratings these cars were getting in the past 😉

    so now – bring it on!

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