Frankfurt Update – Turbo X unveiled!

The gallery of official Turbo X images is available here, but keep reading as there’s a whole bunch of images from Rayman after the text.

Here’s the very latest from Frankfurt.


Saab Turbo X

The price of the Turbo X Sport Sedan will be starting at EUR 46.000,- that is about 6000-7000 higher than the normal price for the 2.8T Aero M6 w/o AWD – the Sportcombi will be starting at EUR 47.500, – the prices are for Germany.

I noticed as well that the Sidemounted LEDs will not be working in Europe – this position lights will be for US markets 🙁

The delivery of the Turbo X will be starting in week 5 of 2008!

The 1.9 TTiD is still not available, but will be from week 46 on, this year;

There is no “Turbo X package” planned thus far (Rayman was keen to know if a Turbo X trim could be offered on other models), but may be it will come – they smiled saying that – hopefully a Convertible can be mounted with this sort of trim for MY 09;

The colors not shown for other Saabs were pepper green and safran yellow of course – but I reminded them that I already saw one Vert on German streets – you were right, it should be available from my 09 as well;

A last thing – the outside mirrors could be folded automatically – this always has been – but now this switch has been split – you can now fold down the mirrors , if you have to drive backwards!

General thoughts:

Marketing experts like to say that good looking Combis have to be [Audi] Avants, but how do we call this beauty? It looks well defined, Scandinavian, purposeful and then again – extremely sporty, but not overdone or brutal, desirable and different! The new “Black Turbo” parts just fit! Saab always had great looking performance cars, but this one is really state of the art. Look at the nice wheels in matte chrome – who else comes up with this sort of sleek and cool design?? I could not help but touching it all by myself. The paint itself [you should enhance it with some nano lack – makes cleaning way easier] was a new breed of black – no one could actually say what it is, but its not Jetblack – it has some more minerals in the color!

The clamshell hood in combination with the new headlights make the lines flow – turn the lights on and you would still notice all that at midnight!

I did not see the 2008 9³ before that [only on paper], did like the 07 instead and was a bit “afraid” that especially the new front would look to nose heavy for a car with these proportions [of ~ 4,60m]. I now have to admit, that it looks fantastic as a SportCombi– modern and clear – period! The Turbo X then has some “beast luring on the ground” profile. You better don’t mess around with it, when appearing in the rear view mirror.

The Sedan is not bad either – we were glad to see it first right here on Trollhattansaab – it is not shown here in Frankfurt!

I just wish they had this awesome Turbo X Design available as a package for the Convertible – would be captivating.

If there were “TX-Packages”, I guess people would go for it [better than Audi S-Line / BMW M-Pack]. Time will tell here as I wrote above.

The interior is all black and I could have a seat in the enormously comfortable premium leather seats… there is nothing that can compare to it so far – and we are selling cars!

The Turbo Gauge is a reminiscent of the old 900 Turbo – I liked it much better actually than the new versions. Unfortunately I could not get into the 900 – no one seemed to have a key for it… how come 😉 – I tried to make a photo of the personalized Turbo X , hopefully you can see it on the picture?

The breakfast was just Scandinavian and now it is time for some mjölk chocolate! I have to attend the GM press conference now – may be there is something new awaiting us, though I think that they will unveil the Opel Flextreme again…


Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

Saab Turbo X

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  1. Rayman, Thank you! Great to see pics so quickly. Nice shots you´ve taken. 900 looks great too. That boost gauge is not the same as on c900, more like on 9000 and the newer ones.

    I would really like to see, if there´s a boost gauge on a TTiD model. If there´s one, could you try to take a picture of it?

    Maybe those sidemounted leds may still remain on EU models also and could be selected via Tech II, if you know a good dealer/workshop??

  2. WOW the combi is EXTREMELY COOOOOOL!

    that was really worth the wait. is therer also a sport sedan version?

    is it real carbon interior? it looks so much better than the alu trim.

    the turbo gauge is super cooool!

    can you post some more pics, for example of the seats? that would be great!

    is somebody already using the turbo X to light his cigarettes, because the lighter is missing in the third-last pic?

    is it possible that you get the key so that we can see that personalisation thing?

    The real pics are a lot better than the offical pics! Can you post some more?

    damn, i am on trollhattansaab too often the last couple of days…. 🙂

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