Frankfurt Video

OK, lets try this. Rayman has sent me two video links. I haven’t seen them, so let’s see them together…maybe


This first one features a quick look at the interior of the Saab Turbo X:

The second video is a look over the Saab stand at the Frankfurt show. This thing looks huge, but I bet it’s quite humble compared to some of the exhibitors there.

As I write this, the final one doesn’t seem to be working. Hopefully YouTube will get their act together shortly.

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  1. The seats seem to be same as on ´08 9-3 brochure, named as premium leather sports seat, black or shark/black. Price here in Finland is 3850€, not bad… umm

    I´m not really sure about the carbonfibre look on the central console. I´d rather take the Hirsch carbonlook dashboard instead. But it´s really nice to see video from Frankfurt!

  2. Erik

    it’s just the angle of the cam that makes it look dark against the seats and light against the rear parcel shelf….the first sight of the car shows tint is full length.

    My first thoughts on the X…not complaining, just giving my 2c……..
    -not keen on those rims, but prepared to believe better in life.
    -surprised the (IMHO) weak chrome trim remains over the doorline and that the boot handle also still chromed.
    -Would have liked a bit more beef to the bodykit.

    But overall, great motor I’m sure.
    Why so little coverage though – Car Magazine yet to mention it over on their website, yet acres on the (zzzzzzzz) A4 and (ughhhh) X6. Usual journalistic bias for the Teutons……

    Get Clarkson on the case! Can we petition Top Gear?

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