Friday night quick snippets

Gotta be quick as we’re about to head out and see The Bourne Ultimatum (finally!)


I forgot to write a few days ago that on Wednesday I saw my first ever Tasmanian registered, facelift version Saab 9-5. It was a wagon and I got quite excited. I wonder who picked it up.


Speaking of Tasmanian registered vehicles, I finally got my 900 registered today – 5 minuted before the registry office closed.

Pics will be forthcoming tomorrow, but the AER-085 plates are on and they look great!


Just when Saab had enough silly internal competition in Europe with Cadillac, there’s an article on Left Lane News stating that Opel are seeking to go further upmarket.

Perhaps this is a German thing – an acknowledgment that Saab aren’t going that well there.

I think there’s a better solution, though – build better Saabs and more of ’em.

Thanks ctm.


Turbin forwarded me a flipped version of the Turbo X interior. For those of you in the UK or here in Oz (or elsewhere) who are thinking of picking one up, here’s what you’re in for:

Turbo X RHD


And from Teddy, a look at the optional rear spoiler on the 9-3, as well as those new generation Incas.

Snow Silver’s definitely looking good, isn’t it?

Snow Silver

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  1. About the coming flagship-OPEL: Does anyone really believe that it will be a competititor to the new 9-5? People interested in SAAB are (in general) not interested in OPEL, so sales of the flagship OPEL will be complementary.
    Besides this: OPEL always had a flagship (KapitΓ€n, Admiral, Diplomat in the fourties, fifties, sixties and seventies and the Senator-series in the late seventies and early eighties). Later the Omega took over the role of being the flagship, so its nothing new and i hope it will be a success.

  2. Upscale Opel has as much to do with their new-found success in the US market under the Saturn brand as it does with anything in Europe. The Saturn-badged Opels are doing very, very well here, and with good reason — they are pretty good cars.

  3. No fair πŸ™

    I’ve just been told my ’08 ‘vert won’t be with me until the 8th Oct now πŸ™ May even be as late as 15th October πŸ™

    No fair πŸ™

  4. Swade: how’d you like The Bourne Ultimatum? Did you spot the SAAB (like I have to ask…)? πŸ™‚

    I was told (by what seems to be turning out to be an unreliable source lately…) by an employee of SAAB USA that GM intends SAAB to eventually become “Premium Opel” in Europe and “Premium Saturn” in the U.S., just as Lexus is “Premium Toyota”, Acura is “Premium Honda”, and Infiniti is “Premium Nissan”. If Opel plans to go “upscale”, that either makes this information wrong or GM is changing plans for SAAB.

  5. Yeah, Swade, how did you like the show?

    I was going to mention a while back, but forgot, that there’s more than one tie with Saab and the Bourne series. Not only did a Saab appear in Bourne Ultimatum, but Bourne Identity also used the song “Ready Steady Go” that Saab uses as well. And there might have been a small clip of an older Saab in the first, but I could be wrong.

  6. Opel tries that with every new generation of cars they launch. Trying it doesn’t mean that it’ll work out. Remember what happened with VW’s Phaeton? VW had at least the same cards as Opel (and perhaps even better), but they lost the game anyway.

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