Garage your Saab!

A story from my local area today highlights the need to garage your Saab, or at least get it off the street and into your front yard.

The gene pool is fairly shallow here in Tasmania, and a couple of its minnows decided to go on a car-burning spree last night. Eight cars were torched in 5 hours. Two of them were stolen and another two were aborted theft attempts.

It’s unfortunate for all of these owners, of course, but I probably wouldn’t be reporting this here at TS if it weren’t for this:

A New Town university student whose Saab was torched during the rampage said she relied on the vehicle “for everything”.

Laura O’Grady, 20, said: “I use it for uni and to get to workas a casual temp, which some-times requires me to drive up to an hour away.

“I don’t know what I am going to do now.”

Ms O’Grady was woken by her Warragul Ave neighbours, who arrived home to find the law student’s car alight at 4am.

“They were great – when they called me down they were already getting buckets of water to put it out,” Ms O’Grady said.

The former Melbourne resident took out a student loan to buy her 1989 Saab convertible.

The Saab’s soft-top roof was burnt through and the front seats and driving instruments were damaged.

Poor kid. At 20 years of age she probably figured the ‘vert was the car of her dreams. Now it’s stuffed because a bunch of yahoos thought it might be fun to play firestarter.

Like I said, the gene pool doesn’t have deep end here in Tasmania. We see it every summer as the arsonists play cat and mouse with the fire brigade, thinking little of the lives and property that they put at risk in doing so. If the firies announce a total fire ban (meaning no fires to be lit, no burning off, woodfired BBQs etc) then you can guarantee that some arse will be out in the countryside with a slab of beer and a can of petrol.

I hope they catch the idiots that did this. And I really hope that Ms O’Grady can get her Saab fixed.

Please folks, if you can, make sure you keep your cars off the street.

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  1. We have things like that here…They’re called “drunken teenagers” :p

    If you put them in New York, they’re called Bleacher Creatures.

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