Help Hirsch!

Here’s two practical ways you can help Hirsch.

First, if Hirsch isn’t available where you live, then write to Saab in your country and tell them you want access to Hirsch products.

Second, and more immediate in nature, you can help Hirsch by voting for your favourite 19-inch wheels out of the six prototypes they’re considering.

The pictures are below, and you click here to go take the poll. If they look similar in some cases, that’s because there’s some grey and silver variants of the same wheel. The poll gives you the chance to look at them in greater detail.


Hirsch Wheels

More images after the jump……

Hirsch Wheels

Hirsch Wheels

Hirsch Wheels

Hirsch Wheels

Hirsch Wheels


Once again, click here to go take the poll and let Hirsch know what you think.

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  1. Some nice wheels right their..

    kinda getting over the whole hirsch thing in Australia, Saab keep saying its coming and it never DOES!!!!

  2. Wouldn’t a rim based on the Star Wars Empire logo be very fitting to the Turbo X. The logo is already round so an adaptation should be relatively easy. Perhaps a Sith Special Edition is not such a far fetched idea.

  3. I want 6. Its the most like the 2004 Aero rims, which I think are the best rims Saab has come out with. Sure I might be bias because those are the rims I have, o well. #6 is the best.

  4. Playing the devil’s advocate here.

    I don’t really see why I should help Hirsch by calling Saab and asking them to bring Hirsch to my country. As much as I admire their offerings and the support they managed to get from Saab, I don’t really care about their presence on a local market.

    From a consumer point of view, I don’t see anything of interest they can offer me. Their primary focus seems to be on tuning new cars and offering them with a warranty backed by Saab. Sounds good, but the reality is that the majority of people around here, who would be interested in tuning their cars, buy used. So the Saab support and warranty lose their appeal. What’s left is expensive parts and conservative tunes, so the value is not there either.

    Why bother?

  5. dip – you are completely wrong. Many people would in fact purchase a tuning kit IF it was backed by Saab and covered under warranty.

    There are also other items people would like to purchase, like interior upgrades.

  6. Don’t forget that the factory warranty on Saabs (at least in the US) is now 5 years for the powertrain. If I could get a tune and not have to worry about Saab denying the warranty just because I modified the ecu, like they can and do if you buy any other tune, I would definately do it. A little extra kick is always nice to have on tap if you need it.

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