Hirsch 2008 upgrades now available

2008 Saabs are now beginning to hit showroom floors and I’m sure we’ll get news of someone getting theirs delivered some time soon.

Hirsch have just announced their range of 2008 upgrades, which are available right away in applicable markets. These software upgrades are the only way to squeeze some more performance out of your 2008 Saab whilst still retaining your warranty coverage.

The range is as follows:

Saab 9-3
1.8t 150hp –> 170hp (Switzerland, Finland, Sweden)
1.8t 150hp –> 195hp
2.0t 175hp –> 195hp
2.0T 210hp –> 230hp, and 210hp -> 252hp
1.9TiD 120hp –> 140hp
1.9TiD 150hp –> 175hp
1.8t BioPower 150hp/175hp –> 170hp/190hp (Switzerland, Finland, Sweden)
1.8t BioPower 150hp/175hp –> 195hp/195hp

2.8 V6 Aero 255hp –> 275hp coming soon

Saab 9-5
2.0t 150hp –> 210hp
2.3t 185hp –> 220hp
2.3 Aero 260hp –> 300hp
1.9TiD 150hp –> 175hp
2.0t Biopower 150hp/180hp –> 210hp/220hp
2.3t BioPower 185hp/210hp –> 220hp/230hp

Runway Hirsch

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  1. Since we currently can’t get Hirsch in the US market, I’m wondering what the simple & affordable replacement of the air filter with a K & N unit would do for the MY2008 9-3 SS XWD. Based on the seat of pants feeling from my last 3 vehicles with that easy “mod”, I’d guess we’d get within 5 to 10 hp of the desired 300HP, that everyone is moaning about!

    You can’t lose for less than $50 US !

    What does everyone else think?

  2. Hirsch stuff isn’t cheap, Nevitz, but it’s the good stuff and keeps the warranty in play. 2.0T upgrade is around 1300 Euros from Hirsch’s website. That lifts the 2.0T to 230hp and 350Nm.

  3. Dan, I’m not sure about the realistic effect that a more open air filter has, but once again, the key principal is warranty.

    If it were just down to mods and value, then BSR gives you more bang for your buck than Hirsch, but your dealer would give you no love (if it were available in the US, that is).

    Similarly, an anonymous call to your dealer to find out if the K&N unit will effect your warranty is probably advisable. At least you know what you’re dealing with, then.

  4. “I’m sure we’ll get news of someone getting theirs delivered some time soon.”

    Got the MY08 9-3 last week’s tuesday! The dealer had recieved an “extra” car from the importer, which I snatched up immediately. Even added a pic of it to the readers map 🙂

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