In a perfect world….

…..I wouldn’t live in Tasmania in nice spot with 180 degree waterviews. I’d live in a far more modest place in Vancouver or Melbourne, close to where either my wife or I actually have some family.

I wouldn’t be working where I am now, a boring as all hell job that pays the mortgage and provides little alse in the way of reasons to get out of bed. It’s job that I got because I had the qualifications on paper and the need for an income. Actually, my job doesn’t get me out of bed. What gets me up in the morning is the need to say “Hi” to my dog and then check what’s been happening here overnight. Having a shower and heading to the office just fall into place after that.

In a perfect world I’d be working for a company I was actually interested in, doing work that was in line with my interests. I’d be using my to-be-improved writing skills. Maybe I wouldn’t be blogging. Though in a perfect world I probably would, and I’d be doing so without fear nor favour.

In a perfect world I’d have a workshop and the mechanical skills to go with it. I’d be able to fix some stuff on my own instead of nodding appreciably when my mechanic explains what’s gone wrong and thinking “I can see that now, why didn’t I know it before?”

And in a perfect world, that shed space and skill base would enable me to buy this 99 Turbo that’s just come up for sale in Victoria. I wouldn’t pay what he’s asking. It’s not worth more than a few hundred bucks. But I’d get it and fix it and drive it and love it.

Still, can’t complain. In a perfect world these complaints would (and should) be laughed off as minor irritations. Though if anyone at Saab wants to take this new media stuff seriously, I’m available.

Now, back to the news….

99 Turbo

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  1. Have some fudge and SMILE.
    Follow your ambitions mate.
    And i was just looking at that same car on e-bay and thought the same thing.
    If i only had the time and space.
    And didn’t live in the third world

  2. With all the whinging about the Turbo X badge being capitalised, for real Saab authenticity the Turbo X should have that white capitalised TURBO callout on its flanks.

    Very timely selling of this car with the Turbo X anniversary connections and such and you’ve probably just jacked the price by linking to it Swade ; )

  3. How about somebody else spend buckletloads to make it mint and I’ll buy it for 10% of what they spent? Isn’t that how classic car restoration works? Mind you I’d probably have to wait 10 years while that someone does the resto.

  4. Sounds like you’re in my world. 🙂
    But at least now I’ve got “shed” space and some mechanical skills, and some old treasures. But I hope you acquire those before you’re as old as me.

  5. From 2001-06 I was the proud and happy owner of a 2001 Honda Accord EX-V6 (USA). I had always been intrigued by Saab and took a leap of faith to buy a 2006 Chili Red 9-5. This spring I became eligible for a company-leased car at work. I sold my 2006 back to the dealer to wash out my loan and chose as my company car…a 2007 Chili Red 9-5! No differences other than model year. THAT’S how much I love the 9-5.

    Yesterday I thought was going to be fired or quit my job on exceedingly short notice. That would mean handing over the 9-5. I’m not sure whether I was more upset about the prospect of being unemployed or of not having the 9-5 to drive every day.

    Today was a better day. Still, I sometimes feel locked in a bad situation with a company that has been in a downward spiral for seven years. I hope and dream of something better. A turnaround…or a new job elsewhere.

    Sometimes it’s necessary to summon the courage to make a change. Perhaps the bit of courage we display in “finding our own road” in an automotive sense is not so different from the courage required to make a job or career change.

    Think of Honda as a metaphor for your current job and Saab as a metaphor for the job that would deliver the satisfaction you desire. How do you want to remember the NEXT five years of your life: driving a Honda…or a Saab?

  6. “Think of Honda as a metaphor for your current job and Saab as a metaphor for the job that would deliver the satisfaction you desire. How do you want to remember the NEXT five years of your life: driving a Honda…or a Saab?”

    Brilliant metaphor David C. Great to see your passion for the 9-5, a car I’m very fond of at the moment. And in the case you have to give it up, there are plenty of good second-hand Saabs in the U.S. I had a lot less choice here in Oz but I look forward to driving our ’98 9000 Anniversary more than our ’06 9-3 Sportcombi. If I had to give up the 9-3SC I would still be loving the 9000 which we own outright.

  7. Well, my problem is, I have the space to store it, but not the money to buy or restore it.

    I would love to have it, paint it black and scream around town scaring all the old folks…

  8. My first car was a 1982 Chevrolet Chevette with a 3-speed automatic and a DIESEL engine, one of about 20 in the free world (as I joked at the time!). For a while I owned VWs until a persistent issue got the best of me and I washed my hands of them. Then Hondas. Now Saab.

    Truth be told, I have all the respect in the world for Honda. VW certainly makes good products with a slightly different personality. Toyota would also be a smart choice IMHO. However, Saab inspires…passion…in me anyway! Saab connects with me in a way the other brands do not. So while I would consider products from these other brands, I may always prefer Saab if they offer a product that inspires the same passion (and at a price I can afford…you’ll see no Ferraris in this garage!). 🙂

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