Monday Night Snippets

It’s Grand Final week here in southern Australia. That’s our equivalent to Superbowl week for you US types, though I’m not sure what the European equivalent might be. Posting was quiet tonight due to the telecast of the Brownlow medal, which is awarded to the best and fairest player in the Australian Football League (AFL) regular season. And not even the blog can interrupt the Brownlow for this little black duck. Sad, I know.

Congratulations to Jimmy Bartel on winning the medal. His team, Geelong (the cats), play against Port Power in the Grand Final on Saturday. I hate Port with a passion. The dropping of a bomb on Port’s home ground would be a waste of a good bomb.

Go Cats!!

*here endeth the Australian sports lesson for today*


My thanks to all who have placed a pin on the Trollhattan Saab Map.

I put the map up over the weekend and am thoroughly impressed by the spread of Saab supporters out there. From what I can tell, there’s pins on each continent with the exception of South America.

I’ve been told that the software is still in beta, so if you’ve loaded a photo and it isn’t appearing yet, I’m sure it will soon. Perhaps when the software moves up the VHS.

If you haven’t pinned yourself on the map yet, then check it out and most of all, place yourself on there!


Do The Truth About Cars have it in for GM?

I prefaced Gripen’s report on E85 in California earlier today with the story about the state government there purchasing over 1,000 flex fuel vehicles a few years back, despite there being virtually no E85 for sale there.

I’m sure GM’s hands may be a little bit dirty here, but it’s the government that overturned it’s own legislation to make the purchase. It’s the government that set up the trials prior to the purchase, it’s the government that committed to spend the money when the deal was done and it’s the government, including the Governator himself, who will be investigated in the matter.

TTAC’s headline: GM Finally Figures Out How To Sell Cars in California

And yes, they do go ahead to lay a fair bit of dirt at GM’s door, as if 1,300 sales is going to be a make or break transaction for the company. With the risk of scrutiny that’s now being brought to bear, I don’t think the TTAC take is quite accurate.


Further to my previous posts about the European Delivery Program out of the US, the SaabUSA website has now been updated to reflect the current circumstances:

Thank you for your interest in the Saab European Delivery Program. This program is currently being updated for 2008, so please check back soon for new information.

Hopefully it gets back up and running soon as it’s a great program and the new 9-3 is going to bring it a lot of prospective customers.

I’ll update you all as soon as I know how things develop.

Thanks to Woodman for the update via comments

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  1. On the Topic of truth about cars, I was wondering does anyone have the truth on Robert Fargo. He seems to have an ax to grind and GM seems to be the recipient of his Ax. I tried reading his site several years ago(around the same time I found this site, can’t believe I have been reading this site that long, Good job! Swade). My review of the site was that the writers were a bunch of hacks, and I would not believe any word written there.

  2. Dude, you knew that there had to be an extreme nerd on here who would correct any mistakes you make. I’m just that nerd.

    In addition to South America, there’s no pin on Antarctica, is there? I’ve always wanted to throw some Mattracks on a 9⁵ wagon and tool around Antarctica scaring penguins whilst remaining toasty with my seat heaters going full-blast! Don’t worry, I’d do it on ethanol as not to exacerbate the global warming melting the ice I’m driving on! 😛

    How many Emperor penguins can one fit in a 9⁵ Combi (counting the roof rack on top)? I’d like to find out. Penguin hitchhikers! Hopefully I wouldn’t inadvertently pick up an evil one like in that Wallace & Gromit short (The Wrong Trousers).

    I’ve been working in Mexico (near the U.S. border though) a lot lately. If I post from there can I put a pin in Mexico? Though I think it’s technically still “North” America, I think it can fairly be considered “Central” America as well… 😉

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