More 900 ‘vert loving

The extended month of 900 loving continues and today we have the car that made Jared U fall in love with Saab. It’s easy to see why….

Saab 900 conv

This is Jared’s 1991 Saab 900S Convertible.

It used to be my Dad’s, but he surprised me by giving it to me as my first car. To think, I was begging him for the moldy Mazda 626 that had been sitting in his yard for some time.

Luckily, the top got thrashed early in my driving experience, and I garaged it for some time. I say luckily, because after that, I got a 9000CDE and got my first wreck (AKA: reality check) out of the way with with that car. The pictures here are just after getting the top replaced.

I still have it. It has yet again been pulled off the road for repairs, and in the mean time I have bought myself a blue 1992 900T Convertible.

I cannot decide which one I like more. All I know for now is that I cannot imagine myself driving anything but a Saab.

Nice work on the gift there, Dad. Nice work indeed.

I’m really interested in the picture below. I’ve thought of doing something similar with a 99/900 interior for some time, using some special bits of native Tasmanian timber.

I don’t think I’d do the big panel as has been done here. I’d probably look at a leather trim there (not plaid, Andy. Sorry). But the other smaller wood accents are something that I find very interesting indeed.

Saab 900 conv interior

It’s a beautiful ‘vert, Jared. And a prime condition ragtop 900 is going to really hold, or even grow, its value in coming years.

Congratulations, and please keep her healthy.

Saab 900 conv


The month of 900 love is intended to celebrate what is regarded as Saab’s most iconic model.

A lot of mainstream motorists out there just don’t ‘get’ what Saab’s about, so it’s up to us owners to spread the news and encourage some real pride in ownership.

900 month will come to a close soon, but if you’ve got a C900 with a story to tell, then shoot off some photos and email the whole package to me at Change the -at- to @ in that email and everything will get through, no worries!

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