My spies are everywhere….

Recent scenes from a GM Europe meeting on the impending Cadillac assault on Europe….

GME Cadillac

OK, it was Dilbert…..

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  1. Car on-line is a disgrace!!!

    Anyone would think that there were a million more exciting launches at Frankfurt than the XWD – according the Car (, the ‘doorhandles facelift’ for the Lexus GS and a still ‘tease shot’ of the new Landie are newsworthy whilst our beloved Sith-mobile doesn’t even rate a mention!!! I have logged a couple of comments – come on, let’s shame them…

  2. What doo you think Swade.. Could Caddy benefit from soon having the 200hp BioPower engine and the TTiD in the BLS? Dould the sales accellerate or is it just a dead money sucking car?
    The question isn´t only going out to Swade.. Feel free to give your opinion.. I´ve allways seen the introduction of the BLS as negative allthough the BLS Wagon actually looks kinda nice..


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