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Howdy all.

I’ve been busily creating pages and lifting code from old posts in order to offer you all a new feature here at Trollhattan Saab.

The observant ones among you might have noticed a new navigation button just below the banner up top. It’s called DOWNLOADS and as the name suggests, it’s a new downloads section and right now it’s chock-full of wallpapers ready and waiting to slap themselves on the desktop of your computer.

The wallpapers have been taken from the Saab O The Week section of this website. The majority of them are images created by Saab owners just like you. I’ve formatted them to 24-inch widescreen size and they look fantastic.

In addition, I’ve also created a “Saab Goodies” download area, where I’ll stick up all sorts of different things as time goes on. The first item on the goodies page is one that was requested just yesterday. It’s a downloadable Quicktime version of Kroum’s brilliant morphing video: Turbo X – Official vehicle of the Sith.

Kroum’s hoping to get a screensaver version of it up and running soon.


The latest wallpaper to be uploaded, the first on the new Saab Wallpapers section, is also pretty special. It’s the brand-spanking new Saab Turbo X.

Again, it’s formatted for a 24-inch widescreen and you can resize it to your needs.

Saab Turbo X

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