Red Saab 92

Our French mate, Golfhunter, made his way to Huy in Belgium for the recent Saab meeting there.

This photo from him popped up on my Flickr feed today. Unfortunately the photos aren’t organised in sets so I can’t direct you straight to a collection from the event. His full collection is here, though and the link for this photo is here.

It’s a 92 rather than a 92B and the pic noted say it’s a 1952 model. It’s got the suicide doors and no boot (trunk) at the back. Forget all that, as pointed out in comments, I’m an idiot. A look at subsequent photos does indeed show that it’s a 92B. But I’ve never seen one in red before.


Saab 92 Red

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  1. thats a beautiful car in my favorite colour. looks like imola red or similar goes back to the earliest SAABs and perhaps has graced all models. to me it is the quintessential SAAB colour. of course i am biased being the proud owner of an imola red 2000 9-5 aero. too bad the 9-5 doesn’t have a suicide door option – that would be too cool.

  2. Hi Swade,

    You state above that there is no boot (trunk). If you check the other two pictures it shows a trunk handle and even the trunk is open on the third pic. So to me it looks like a 92B, where the gas tank opening is on the left rear wheel. (the 92.002 has it dead center on the back) Also the grill, grome strips plus wheels make it look like a ’53 or ’54. Did you also notice the rear license plate being off center, including a couple of holes?

    Do you have “Motorhistoriskt Magasin” #3 1997? From Elkparts or Saab Expressions, on page 25 it shows a 92B with open roof which made the Citroen Deux Chevaux so famous.

  3. Nikkilaas – I feel very embarassed and ashamed. Great looking car there in Europe, idiot here in Tasmania.

    The moral of the story, don’t write when it’s late at night.

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