Saab 70th Anniversary celebrations

This is where ‘born from jets’ came from….

Saab unveiled its first vehicle 60 years ago, in 1947, hence the big celebrations from the car company that bears the Saab name.

There’s another Saab celebration going on this year as well, though. It’s 70 years this year since the founding of Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget and there was a celebration this week in Linköping. This came through from Jörgen and as you can see, it would have been quite a visual feast.

I took part in the VIP event today in Linköping. The city where it all started 70 years ago. 500 specially invited guests from 35 countries took part in a day filled with aviation.

The SAAB 17 plane flew, this plane should have been in the air at the Anniversary in Trollhättan. Most of the planes ever built by SAAB took flight with the exception of th J29 Barrel. The SK 37 Viggen showed off the awesome short take off and landing in less than 600 meters! Thrust reversing system running both enabling short landing besides the unique ability to “drive” in reverse on the ground.

There’s two here and plenty more after the jump. Click on any of these to enlarge.

And I should mention that Jörgen has a few nice ground-based Saabs of his own – very sweet indeed and you can check them out here. I’ve also posted three pics of his cars after the aircraft pics.

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets

Saab Jets


And for a little extra fun, here’s Jörgen’s three Saabs. Again, you can check them out here. Great stuff!

Jorgen Saab

Jorgen Saab

Jorgen Saab

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  1. This reminded me of something else from the dinner at House of Sweden the other night: I told Mr. Vester that there’s a Draken fighter plane in Florida which is available for hire and asked if he knew about it. He told me he did indeed know about it and that he looked into getting it for the Convertible’s 20th Anniversary event but that it was outrageously expensive. Far out of his price range.

    Also related to this post, while I was touring the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. yesterday I saw several SAABs in there (airplanes, not cars). I took photos. I’ll forward them to Swade and see if he’s interested in putting them up on the site.

    Just looking now I found a page at their website on the Tunnan (barrel).

  2. Hey gripen… i see the viggen the viggen on the right… is that a gripen or draken on the very left? Also, what are the other 3 jets? I’d love to learn about them… does anyone know?
    I HEART YOUR 9-5! My dad will hopefully buy a used 04-05 9-5 aero wagon. Silver on black. 5 speed. I will def look into getting hirsch bumpers. That front end looks HAWT!

  3. I wish I could say those SAABs are mine. I think you’re confusing me with Jorgen. He owns those SAABs.

    As for the fighters, that’s a Gripen on the far left, then a Draken to the right of it, then I’m not sure what the older two are but the one on the far right is a Viggen.

  4. Ok here is the detailed information on the planes above to enlighten the SAAB knowledge worldwide,
    1. A four gtroup of JAS 39 Gripen “C” -latest version, JA 35 Draken “Dragon” – latest version, SK 105 Trainer (also seen at the SAAB Fesival this year), 32 Lansen (lancier), SK 37 Viggen (two seater version) still active at FC (Swedish AirForce Test and Evaluation Center in Linköping)

    2. 39 Gripen right after take off – Here is a real “V2 Rotate”

    3. SAAB 17 Light bomber First flight May 18th 1940 also SAABs first planemodel. 322 bulit.

    4. Gripen taxing, note th canard wings….

    5. Exhibition Gripen for the Emperial UK flight school and a Viggen

    6. Inside the conference hall, filled with VIPS top brass of the Sedish and other airforces. Plus buyers shall we say significant players…

    7. SAAB 17 in the air.

    8. SAAB 32 Lansen at take off. This plane had a mission during the cold war to attack Soviet navy and harbours if the had been foolish to even try….

    9. 35 Draken at landing. Nothe the tail wheels in the ground. A interceptor fighter that noone knows the true top speed of. It just keep on accelerating and the You have to fly home and land. A very unforgiving aeroplane. in many respects. The double delta configuration makes it tricky to land needs to be flewn into the the runway litteraly.

    10. 37 Viggen on a lowlevel flyby

    11. 37 Viggen doing the thrust reverse backing manuvere. See the metal in the afterburner. the jet stream is pushed forward through slots on the side of the plane. I bet You could set down the Viggen on USS Ronald Reagan without using arrestor hook.

    12. SAAB 340 ERIEYE/ARGUS Early warning radar and switchboard aircraft.

    13. Gripen at really low speed. Hanging in the air!

    Jörgen Trued
    Researcher in shall we say controlling advanced systems….

  5. yea i didnt mean to imply those saab (cars) were yours :).

    Thats a draken!? Whoa, that thing looks like a viggen with 2 solid fuel rockets on the side!!! SICK!

  6. Saaboy: the Draken has a pretty impressive (unique) silhouette, but you should see it straight-on or at a 2/3 angle. really nice looking. The jet intakes are flush with the wings. It’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing a “Draken”-edition SAAB car at all.

  7. Jorgen,thanks for that info and great photos.
    I read some were that the research & testing on the draken as used by Bristish areospace when they were designing the Concorde. Is this correct?
    The Viggen was evaluated for the Royal Australian Airforce back in the 60’s We fool hardy decided on the F -111 which is still giving us grief

  8. Bill P,
    Double delta configs where used by the Us on Delta Dagger and Dart. I have been to the Duxford museum where the keep the original test Concorde. The guy from DSTL/DERA did nit mention any connection with the Draken. The have a Draken on display at Duxford.
    Australia is quite large compared to Sweden the F-111 gives better range… It would have been nice if the Aussies would pick the Gripen. From what I know the Indian AirForce was really keen on the Viggen in the 70ies but the US hindered that. Quite a few components in the Viggen are American. But now it looks like there is a chance of selling to India.

  9. Viggen and gripen are discontinued in terms of production right? or how does that work?

    Also, did one model replace the other? Viggen -> Gripen -> Draken? I’m relatively clueless to how the whole hierarchy is…

  10. I think the Gripen is the current one being made and sold, isn’t it?

    They all look brilliant though. I always think it’s funny when you see old pictures of cars and jets and you think “one looks so futuristic and the other so old” but they were being made at the same time. Old jets still look quite contemporary to me.

  11. 🙁 thats wat i thought at first… but then i got all excised thinking draken is the most recent one… and was one of the cooler looking ones. imo. but there’s gotta be function following the form right?

    that pic really makes me wanna pursue my dream of becoming a pilot… its like, when you’re flying above the clouds and looking out at the horizon, nothing else matters…

  12. Yeah, that was a really cool picture, Saaboy. You’d never guess that the Draken was designed way back in the early 50’s!

    While I was in Washington D.C. last week I took the opportunity to make it into a mini-vacation, flying my wife and 10-year-old in to join me. On Thursday we went to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum and I found some SAAB exhibits. I took pictures.

    I just used my Flickr account for the first time yesterday and put those photos up in their own “set”. Check it out if you’re interested (but open them in a new tab or window as I don’t want to draw you away from TS!).

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