Saab 900 fixup loving

This is the fourth and (I think) final part of Drew B’s 900-loving posts.

As I’ve mentioned before about Drew, he has a habit of buying cars that need a certain amount of fixing. This one’s the latest. He picked it up a few months ago with the idea of fixing it up and selling it. He seems to be taking his sweet time finishing it off, though, and one can almost get the feeling that he wouldn’t mind keeping it.

But that’s just my observation. Here’s Drew’s story and there’s a bunch of pics after the jump.


I didn’t think I needed another 900, but it’s funny how circumstances change. Back in February of this year my old mate Swade (yes, that dorky bloke that runs this thing!) forwarded an email that he’d received from a lady wanting to offload her Saab. “9/1993 build, manual, citrine beige, black leather, immaculate condition except for blown headgasket, what offer?”.

I convinced myself I didn’t want it. Really, I didn’t. Really.

That weekend I found myself at Sandford, south of Hobart, perusing the said car. I’d actually driven down that way to take a look at a Birman cat of all things, but somehow wound up under the bonnet of a 900. It was straight. Really straight. Black leather. Manual box, Lucas injection. 2 owners, full service history. I didn’t want it. Really, I didn’t. Really.

A few weeks later I did a deal and brought the car home. I’d done my homework in relation to the headgasket and found it to be nothing more than a small oil leak across the lower edge of the head. I had the parts ordered and waiting, and within a day of its arrival the head had been stripped off and delivered to the machine shop. Upon its return I fitted all the usual new bits and pieces where necessary, noting as I cleaned everything off that the cylinder bores were perfect and still showed the hone marks from manufacture. My old mate Matt Gould, aka Saabologist, gave me a hand to wind in a new timing chain at the same time, and after a few more hours pottering about she was all done. Too easy.

Since then I’ve been tending to a few other bits and pieces on the car, namely giving it a damn good machine polish and general clean inside and out in preparation to sell it on. I removed a dent from the lower edge of the left doors and sprayed them both, and am currently in the process of giving the grey metallic painted bumpers a quick going-over. The inside I stripped out completely to clean, with minor pieces of broken trim replaced where necessary. By the time it’s done I probably won’t want to sell it, even though my old mate Saabologist reckons he wants it dead or alive. I guess time will tell!


It’s almost done. Currently, the bumpers are off, getting reconditioned and tidied up a little.

Saab 900

After a session with the polisher:

Saab 900

The main reason this car became such a bargain – the blown gasket

Saab 900

And the new unit in place:

Saab 900

Whilst it was all apart, a new timing chain was also wound on.

Saab 900


In a few days, I’ll do a summary of all Drew’s instalments in this series. It’s worthwhile checking them all out at once.

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  1. Thanks for the pics, Drew. Nice 5-door.

    I’m currently (for the past two years) doing a head gasket replacement (and timing chain replacement, and valve job) on my ’85 900T. Now that the weather’s cooling down maybe I’ll finally get around to finishing it. I miss my car! 🙁

  2. Drool.
    You know i want it precious.
    I can wait some time for it though,no rush,just don’t sell it to anyone else please.
    A perfect FUDGE delivery vehicle.
    So how much fudge do you want for it??

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