Saab 900 loving – Lo-mile Saab

Psycho Dave slipped me a message about this one.

It was extraordinary enough to see a Saab 900 that ticked over 1,000,000 miles last year. That’s around 1,600,000 kilometers, which for we metric types makes it all the more amazing.

It’s another thing altogether to see a 25 year old 900 that’s only done 42,000 kms. Add to that the fact that it’s never been driven in the rain or snow (difficult to avoid in Sweden) and it’s been kept in a warm garage all it’s life.

A guy living locally to Dave named Lars purchased it earlier this year. As you can see it’s a 4-door sedan from 1982, an 8-valve turbo with it’s blue interior in pristine condition and the original TRX alloys wheels.

A rare enough pick up in that condition regardless of the low miles. There’s a few photos below, and a full set here at Garaget.

Saab 900

Saab 900

Saab 900

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  1. Very nice. Where does he find tires? Those TRX wheels are a PITA, baby!

    At 25 years old, the plastics are going to fail at a pretty rapid pace, even though it’s been garaged. Stock up on parts!

  2. Boy do I miss the old days when engines were designed like works of art and not just covered with a big hunk of black or silver plastic. I get a stiffy when I see an engine compartment like this…..

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